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A SACRAMENT Journey Through the Elements


3-Day Experience of Awakening to your truth, refreshment of spirit, transformation, and living the wisdom of Mother Nature’s sacred gifts.

Luminous Blessings Sacrament Tribe.


“Pachamama Sacred Paths” invites you to join us in one of our Sacrament Celebration Ceremonies, taking place in California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Mexico and Peru. The Ceremonial retreats includes 3 different Sacrament Circles that will offer you a space for real introspection and an opportunity to see your life with clarity. Over the course of Pachamama's Ceremonial Retreats you will be guided through powerful and specific processes to relinquish limiting beliefs and begin your path home, the path to a life filled with clarity, empowerment and spirit, creating a beautiful future collectively.




  • Traditional Andean Missa - Divine Mother Ceremony

  • Niños Santos - Mexica ceremony

  • Integration Rituals, Transmutation processes

  • Padre Sapito Ceremony

  • Anya Circles (Integration Sessions during and After Retreat)

  • Lodging and meals included



During this 3 day retreat, you will be provided with a safe, comfortable space, as well as traditional guided ceremonies and rituals that are intentionally created to help you gain a deeper understanding of who you are, what you want, and what may be holding you back. You can relax knowing that you will be looked after and assisted at all times throughout your journey. We also offer you post-ceremony integration support, as well as the chance to join a community of fellow seekers learning and growing together.


Although these Sacred Ceremonies can help us to illuminate the patterns of thought and behavior that are no longer serving us, they WILL NOT do the work for you. Our Shamans and facilitators are not superhuman, they are men and women just like you; however, they do have many Decades of experience working with these Ancestral Sacraments and devoting their lives to the path of transformation that they offer. We believe you are the Healer, the Guru and the Shaman (Knower) of your life. Mother Nature’s Sacraments are here to show us the path; the choice to walk the path is yours.



While we DO NOT charge for our sacrament, an Anyi (contribution) of $999 is requested to cover the expenses of the retreat, Ceremonial setting, Lodging, Meals, Services and the Facilitation you will receive during your time with us.


Additional Services Available:

  • One-on-one Shamanic Consultations

  • Detox Ceremony



  • Church Membership (Mandatory for all sacraments ceremonies)

Many have heard the sacrament calling but cannot travel to South America due to time or money constraints. Pachamama Sacred Paths brings you these ancient Shamanic-Energy-Sacraments and traditions of the Andes Mountains into a modern-day context and comfortable setting near you

Our advice is to look within and follow your intuition and inner guidance. 


Feel free to reach out to find out more about our retreat and the medicines that we offer. We can be reached at (669)258-7054 or You can also learn more about our organization at



Pachamama Facilitators hold a bi-weekly virtual Q&A session on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. You will have the opportunity to learn more about Pachamama’s approach, the Sacraments we work with, integration support, logistics, upcoming retreats and offerings, and general spirituality.


Register for our next Q&A session




If you find yourself unable to attend the event due to unexpected ch

anges in your plans, it's important to inform us by either sending an email or a text message. In such situations, the following refund policy applies:


1.- No refunds for cancellations within 7 days before the event.

--In such cases, the full payment is non-refundable.


2.-Cancellation between 8 and 21 days before the event:

-- You will receive a 50% refund of your payment.

--Alternatively, you can choose to apply 50% of your deposit to a future retreat.


3.- Cancellation more than 22 days before the retreat:

--You are eligible for a full 100% refund of your payment.

-- Additionally, you have the option to apply 100% of your payment to a future retreat.


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