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online 5 hour workshop / APRIL 29

Hello Everyone!


We are happy to invite you to our upcoming Andean-Energy-Healing Initiation. The initiation is taking place on April 29th via Zoom from 11 AM to 4 PM Pacific Time.

Throughout the program, you will Initiate into the Spiritual Principles of your Personal Electromagnetic Field (Poq’po), as well as the energetic relationship to any other Poq’po, whether it is another person, a group of people, a community, city, or country’s Poq’po. You will also learn the mechanics of how energy flows within your own body and gain an understanding of the polarity of energy (Hucha and Sami) to transcend duality.

For thousands of years, the Q’ero have continued to preserve Ancestral wisdom that dates back to the origins of the human race. The teachings of these Andean Q’ero & Wasqar lineages, invite us to align with the purpose of creation: Expansion. A person gradually manifests this alignment by living his/her individual-life's purpose. In this way, each person contributes to the expansion and evolution of humanity as a whole.

Always grounded in reverent connection to and love for Mother earth, the Wisdom of the Andes invites us to a pragmatic path of realization, awareness, and prosperity. This is the path to 
becoming one with the opulence of life!


What you’ll receive:


-Qhapaq-Ñan & Qanchis Pata-Ñan Karpay (Q’ero & Wasqar Lineages): Blessing from the High Priests and Priestesses of the Andes

-Andean Shamanic Healing Initiation:


  • Saminchakuy (Pachamama Initiation)


  • Saiwachakuy (Pachatata Initiation)


  • Huchamikuy (Digestion of Energy)


  • Hampe Munay (Increasing your Poq’po’s Radiance)

Additionally you will Receive:

-Practitioner Certificate
-Access to Pachamama Sacred Paths’ community’s platforms and offerings
-Practice & Integration meetings


How do these Andean modalities benefit you?
These 4 Energy healing modalities offer you different pathways for healing. All with the same purpose, a more abundant life:


-Increased Sami/Prana (Energy/Vitality)


-Promoting Allin Yuyay (Mental Clarity)


-Cultivating Allin Soncco (Emotional Well-being)


-Increased Energetic Awareness 


-Clear Connection to the Divine 


-Emotional Balance 




Personal Benefits:

→Master the Art of letting go: Understand the energetic mechanics of releasing trauma.


→Evolving your relationship with Pachamama (Divine Feminine) and Pachatata (Divine Masculine)


→Becoming aligned with the Nature of our Time-Space creator: Source

→Release ancestral energetic blockages: Heal family trauma and family patterns

→Expand Ayni: Creating a relationship of Worth through Energetic Self Care & balanced energy reciprocity 


→Learn to transmute dense mental-emotional states: Stress, Anxiety, Grief, and Depression.


Collective Benefits:

→Exponentially increasing your healing gifts

→Becoming a harmonizing force in your environment

→Facilitating healing and flow of density for anyone requesting assistance


 →Dissolving energetic conflicts between our brothers and sisters

→Providing tangible change to clients/patients / loved ones


If you are interested in Initiating this path, you can register below, or you can schedule a discovery call to find out more by clicking HERE




Apr 29, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM PDT
Online Initiation
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