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- T h e   A r t   o f  I n t e g r a t i o n   -

-  U x m a l   R e t r e a t  -

- A n d e a n   E n e r g y   I n i t i a t i o n -

Greetings Medicine Family,

We hope you had an empowering month of March and that you are forecasting a beautiful April.

We want to share a few points of wisdom that are pertinent to these times...

The Art of Integration


Andean cosmology has 3 paths to Self-Mastery:

• The first Path is called Lloqe which is the work of the Left side. This path gives way to Llankay (work). This is the path of one of our teachers Melchor Desa who was a Kuraq Akulleq and who became a TukuyLlankayoq (total master of Llankay). The most efficient, effective, and conscious way of working


• The Second Path is called Chaupi which is the middle work. This path gives way to Munay (Love & power under my will). This is the path for most priests of the Q’ero lineage. Masters of Munay (Tukuymunayoq) like Don Manuel Qispe and other high priests 


• The Third path is called Paña which is the work of the Right side. This path teaches the way of Yachay is 1 of the paths of wisdom of Andean Cosmology. 


Yachay is the Andean Code of Integration.

This code brings us closer to ourselves by incorporating knowledge and concepts into your Poq’po, (energy field) 


There is a lot to learn about this code and the Art of integration itself. 


If you would like to learn more about Yachay, we invite you to our community Integration session today at 7PM.


Time: Apr 5, 2023, 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 875 2830 0735

Passcode: integrate

Also you can check our Path’s Corner section in our website by clicking HERE


We invite you to continue your spiritual path and self-mastery journey with this month's Virtual Shamanic Initiation:


 Andean-Energy-Healing Initiation

Saturday, April 22nd 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM PT 

Virtual Certification Course

You'll learn the Q'ero and Wasqar principles of Healing and four main techniques to be used on yourself and others. These 4 modalities have been considered the main practices to reach a conscious state of freedom and expansion.

You will Understand the value of practicing these energy management tools and you will have the opportunity to practice with fellow initiates to Integrate the practice. You will create powerful flow for yourself, which keeps a person in alignment to Source and in a state of being which is embodied of Ayni (Self Worth and personal Value)

Some Benefits of these Practice:


• Increased Sami/Prana (Energy/Vitality)

• Promoting Allin Yuyay (Mental Clarity)

• Cultivating Allin Soncco (Emotional Well-being)

• Increased Energetic Awareness 

• Clear Connection to the Divine 

• Emotional Balance 

• Groundedness

Sacred Medicine, Pristine Beaches and Sacred Pyramids

MAY07 2023 copy.jpg

For those who are feeling called to take a journey away from home and into the seat of the soul, we still have a few spots left in our Uxmal retreat being held next month. While all of our retreats are uniquely special, this one is going to be quite the celebration.

About the Pyramids of Uxmal:

Uxmal is a Sacred Site in the Yucatan Peninsula, considered to be one of the most important of the Mayan temples. Its most prominent pyramid is the pyramid of the Magician. This temple was considered to be the temple for the chosen one, the one who has transcended duality. The energy of Uxmal propels your journey into an embodiment of divinity.

About the Location:

Our retreat home is set on the beautiful beach town of Progreso, in the iconic Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. This setting will allow us to relax deeply into Pachamama's embrace, re-harmonize with nature and connect with the divine essence of each of her elements. Mamaqocha, the feminine spirit of the water, teaches us to find the path of least resistance with wisdom and discernment so that we can flow through life with power and grace.

We know a lot you have been wanting to join us south of the border but may not have the ability to take extended time away, so we are now happy to offer 3 Day Sacred Medicine Retreats in Mexico


These short but powerful journeys will include:

-A Visit to one of Mexico’s Sacred Pyramids

-Kambo Detox

-Mother Ayahuasca Ceremonies

-Peyote Ceremonies (Mexico’s Ancestral Medicine)

-Father Sapo Ceremonies

-Integrative Yoga, Breathwork, Reiki and Meditation

-Arranged Transportation to/from Airport to Retreat Venue


Please Check our Calendar for New Updates!

CALENDAR 2023.png

We are so grateful for the consistent growth of this beautiful and blossoming community and even more humbled by the opportunity to continuously expand our offerings to meet the elevation in consciousness we are witnessing within and around us. It has been an honor to get to work with many of you on a more personal level through the Shamanic Initiation Courses. We are really looking forward to further developing our membership benefits in the coming months to include more courses, personal services, peer-spaces and integration support. Stay tuned!


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