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Chelsea is a ceremonialist and facilitator of healing and transformation. She assists others by creating sacred space for awakening through ritual, ceremony and embodiment, with the purpose of evoking deep remembrance and connection to Divine Essence and personal power. Her work is inspired by her passion for and dedication to reconnecting to the Earthways of her ancestors and recreating balance and harmony through right relationship with the Feminine.


Chelsea has been initiated as a Pampamessayoc in the Q’ero lineage and continues to be a humble student of the wisdom and teachings. Her teachers include Altomessayoc Andres Yael (Shamanism and Andrean Q’ero initiation) and Nina Lombardo (Masculine/Feminine polarity work), and she is also certified as a Level 2 Reiki Master. 


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The soul of Chelsea’s work, however, is informed by her own healing crisis and journey of remembrance. In young adulthood, Chelsea pursued a deep calling to the Middle East, gaining a degree in Middle East studies and living abroad in the region for 9 years, working as a journalist, and then, holding global leadership positions in the corporate world. Chelsea has traveled solo extensively around the world and her travels remind her that we have something to learn from every person that crosses our paths. Ultimately, a need for a greater purpose and a more devotional life led Chelsea to the medicine path and to her own awakening and reconnection to Source.


Her approach bridges nature, embodiment practices, shadow work, spiritual practice, ritual, energy work, and the sacred force of love to create an approach that allows others to connect to their own innate wisdom within. As a guide, she believes that her role is to act as a mirror to others and to assist them in seeing their own unique purpose, authentic selves, and path to self-love.

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