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Community Outreach Seva

We love assisting our community and helping those in need. Our Journey with the community has transformed and matured with the years and we have come to understand ourselves out of the desire to help those who suffer. The main lesson we have learned has been the transformation of the Savior Archetype. With time, we have come to understand that we all are at different stages in our development and we honor everyone's journey. Gradually (and without interference), we offer help to our brothers and sisters struggling financially, facilitating a shift, from a state of need and lack to one of abundance and prosperity. We Invest in our community so they can eventually invest in their environments, creating a domino effect that then benefits us all.

It all begins with the understanding of everyone's perfect timing, including ours. Both individual and group Seva are coordinated by what the foundation deems important. At this time, 80% of our Donation resources are focused on people who are striving in creating emotional well-being and the stability of Joy and Peace. The other 20% of Donation resources are destined for our brothers and sisters who are dealing with situations of extreme poverty, living in the streets or without basic needs.

The community gathers in retreats, with an intention of embodying deeper awareness of ourselves and with the purpose of creating wellbeing in our lives and in our planet. This is the equivalent to group consciousness and amplification of intention and manifestation.

As we grow inwardly at an individual level, our communities grows too and we evolve as a whole

We invite you to take part of something new which
can benefit you and everyone around you!

Each Donation contributes to the processes of people

without resources to meet themselves through

a Non-Dogmatic Path of Spirituality

In lak'ech Hala Ken

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