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Emeline is a guide, teacher, and space holder for those wishing to connect with their own personal power, purpose, and divine inspiration. She facilitates a space for healing and remembrance through connection with nature and the elements and guides in a way that honors the connection between body and earth. She uses sound and movement practices to help integrate and ground higher states of consciousness into the physical body and incorporates somatic practices to tone the nervous system with the goal of creating a state of alignment and flow between body, mind, and spirit. Emeline was initially called to the path of sacred medicines to heal physical and psychological ailments brought on by unprocessed childhood trauma, and she is dedicated to making the same level of healing and self-discovery she has received available to others. 

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Emeline has been initiated as Pampamessayoc in the Q'ero lineage and has also received priestess training from the Rose lineage. Additionally, she has an extensive background in science and biotech and holds a Ph.D. in Genetics and Neurodevelopment from Baylor College of Medicine. She has a passion for understanding more deeply the truth of our existence and the natural order of life on this planet and beyond. This background informs Emeline's work with others in a way that brings the structure of intellectual thinking into union with the intuition of feeling. She is dedicated to empowering each individual she works with through facilitating the inner divine union of the duality of our human existence to cultivate connection and flow with the One. Through connection to divine source Love, Emeline holds a space for safe exploration and integration of both light and dark inner aspects while providing resources to enable the conscious choice of desired reality. It is her ultimate goal to help others discover and embody their own unique personal power in a way that is in alignment with the highest good of themselves and all beings.

Sacred Medicine Initiation
1 on 1 awakening to your relationship with sacred medicines

Chumpi Readings
Aligning your Chakras with
Andean Missa

Shamanic Trance Hypnosis
Regression Therapy

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