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Kendall has a deep connection to her calling of supporting the path of those who seek to live their truth, uncover unexamined potential,  and guide you through the transformative processes that has led you to here and now.  This mission has been created by her own self-discovery journey, which has included the use of plant sacrament to explore the psyche, subconscious and unconscious belief patterns, outdated self-limiting habits, and bringing to light what is no longer serving in our lives. 

Kendall is a dedicated shamanic healing practitioner initiated into the Q’ero lineage as a Hampeq plant sacrament guide and a Pratismarrati Breathwork coach under the teachings and guidance of Altomissayoq Andres Y’ael.  Guiding with years of experience in helping individuals find balance and wellness through ancient healing techniques and the power of breath. Rooted in a deep respect for nature and the spiritual world, she is committed to creating a safe, compassionate space for those wanting to explore their spiritual paths, heal emotional wounds, and observe and integrate their shadow selves for existential growth. Kendall believes that understanding our trauma leads us to find answers in the unknown, uncovering profound insights and opening us up to our unique pathway for healing.

Kendall blends the art of intention setting, plant sacrament, and purposeful rituals into a free-flowing and organic process creating a unique approach centered around acceptance, appreciation for everyone’s unique path, and integration for continued flow within and after the ceremony.

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