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Mariusz was born and raised in Central Europe, Poland. 

Growing up in a Catholic religion, his first connection to spirituality came through the church.

Firsts contemplations about God, Christ, Spirits, Angels were based on the Catholic teachings.

Always drawn to nature, astrology, mysticisms, ancient mythologies (especially mythology of ancient Egypt, Greece and Slavic Paganism). 

Growing up, he discovered passion to scientific subjects; biology, chemistry, physiology, anatomy. He understood his path was to serve and help others heal, and decided to become a western medicine practitioner. 

While pursuing his degree in medicine, he continued to feel the deep calling for self discovery, healing and connection to the spirit. 

He dove deeper into a spiritual path in his mid 20s by connecting with the sacred plants, which he believes was a missing puzzle that allowed him to see beyond.  

He traveled the world to explore different cultures, gained wisdom from spiritual guides, and partook in many sacred ceremonies. 

He joined Pachamama Sacred Paths in 2023 to evolve his path by learning ancient teachings, traditions and wisdoms of the Q’ero lineage and the Qhapaq Ñan.

He became a volunteer of plants sacrament and Pratismarati Breathwork teacher. 

As he continues to grow and learn, he remains open and curious to see where the path will lead him next.

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