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The Christ teachings and sacred medicines

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Sacred medicines, such as Ayahuasca, Peyote or Sapito have immense value! There is much to learn and to reflect upon from them. Some carry feminine energy, some carry masculine energy and some are balanced in both. In Essence they are teaching plants that prompt us to open our consciousness giving way see deeply into ourselves and everything we are. They open an energy Vortex for us to see our "energy baggage", false mental creations and attachments so we can finally face, acknowledge and break the patterns that we have created. At least that is the general consensus...

At some point in our lives we agreed to a relationship with these energies of separation and these energies then abide in ourselves feeding our thought processes, our emotions and feelings..

Facing the energies of fear and old creations of the personality is inconvenient for most of us at first. Through our lives we have become attached with these and with that which we think we are. Sometimes, feeling these attachments as disharmony in a ceremonial process can be very difficult (1 of the reasons for mareacion or purge).

Its easy to fall prey into these energies of fear, which only create more fear and despair. Experiencing these dark pits are said to happen because of our own agreements. Once we understand our relationship to these energies we can stay present in the face of anything in the world. The quote:"Know thyself" comes to mind...

However, in the spectrum of awareness, some long time users may potentially become attached to the perception of the small self: the perception of the separate ego. Some enlightened teachers make mention of the dangers of becoming mean and aggressive when using some of the plants and we believe this reference made is because the plants offer so much vision and development of extra sensory perception that the plant users develop pride and attachment to their personality and to such "powers".

And so we came to ask: What is the best way to keep oneself clear of the dangers of self destructive tendencies of the Small self and the fear it creates?

The teachings of self realization can be life saving and enlightening! Practicing the transmutation of said energies while in ceremony can help us embody divinity which is the divine's purpose for us.

Some of the Key points to practice and remember are:

1. Nothing is permanent:

High and low experiences are lessons, yes. However we are not 1 lesson, nor we are meant to stay stuck in 1 lesson.. accept the lessons and their messages at our current level of understanding (without judgment of such level) and we move on... Dark experiences will go away leaving a lesson to reflect upon... Light experiences are no different.. Yet, since everything is always changing, we live, we learn and we move on

2. Everything we feel has a purpose and a message:

Light or dark experiences both reflect our current state of consciousness. It doesn't mean that is good or bad, however, we are being gifted the opportunity of being able to see such reflections of current state of mind in contrast with our true potential of Self. So without rejection we accept and learn

3. Gratitude for the everything faced:

The moment we enter in gratitude fear disappears... Gratitude is an energy of acceptance of what is, and once we have made amends with fear based energies, they no longer pose a threat to our thought process.. they have now neutralized into a teaching observable from our heart. Fear is a teacher of growth, and once we have learnt and released it, we come to a higher understanding of ourselves.

4. The best lessons come while we are in service:

Giving ourselves fully in service, connecting in a selfless way with our neighbor, our spouse, our pets, will bring a new and higher understanding every time. Opening ourselves to true connection for the purpose of serving, yields to the deepest lessons of introspection, the lessons of the heart

5. Humility comes through the realization of the divine in everything around us: Remembering that our perception is not always the Truth will keep us on the lookout for our own ego and mistakes when dealing with others and with life in general. Having that outlook of "I dont know, lets learn" prompt us to true humility and sets the space for learning in truth and the highest truth we can then realize is that of "I am"

6. Breathe, Smile and Claim your truth:

For thousands of years the breath has been known to alter our state of consciousness. there is a clear, definite relationship between the mind and the breath.. so Breathe consciously... the same can be said about our smile.

our brain doesn't know if you are feeling from a reaction or reacting from a feeling, and so, since you are smiling, your brain will release Serotonin and endorphin's and joy and bliss will follow.

Last, Claiming your truth from an enlightened perspective, from a perspective of love, will raise your vibration into an agreement of truth. Melchizedek's guides suggest the following:

I am here I am here

I am here

I know who I am

I know what I am

I know how I serve

I am word through my body, word, I am word

I am word through my vibration, word, I am word

I am word through my knowing of myself, as word

Whether we are in a vortex of energy at a ceremonial space, or whether we are alone contemplating the nature of our selves, all these teachings, tips and points of view can help us with swinging from polarity, staying grounded in the now to better know ourselves and to experience a higher potential of consciousness in our lives!

Luminous Blessings,


Noccan Kani


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