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9 Munay-Ki Rites

Munay-Ki is a word that comes from the Quechua language of Peru and means Universal Love, Ki means energy

The ancient prophecies of the Mayans speak of a new human being on the planet, one who lives free from fear and resides in his transcendental nature.

The Munay-Ki contains the codes of this new human being. These codes are delivered through, energy transmissions or initiations in the form of seeds, being the task and responsibility of each one to germinate, make them grow and use them.

Receiving the Munay ki means that you are going to receive 9 rituals to make it easier for you to become a person full of wisdom and power, who lives through constant communication with the love in the heart, always connected to the Great Mystery, the source of all life and love.

The nine rites of the Munay-Ki have been transmitted throughout the world and have passed from generation to generation within the shamanic traditions, with different styles according to different cultures.

The Pampamissayoqs and Altomissayoqs of our tradition have always been ordinary men and women living extraordinary lives. It is not that they are born with special spiritual attributes, but through prayer, study of wisdom traditions, revelations, and discipline, they acquire their grace and power. Some of them become renowned healers or leaders, while others choose peaceful lives raising their children and growing corn. The Q’ero, children of mother earth, have been raised in the high mountains of the Andes. And within the Q’ero, a small number of people who share common interests in the community, have kept and guarded this knowledge for millennia. The high priests have always known that people would seek Munay-Ki when they were ready and felt called to do so.

Many of us have felt this call of Spirit and have longed to make a difference in the world in which we live. When we approach the Earthkeepers path with sincere intent and an open heart, we quickly realize that we are not alone. We find ourselves in the company of like-minded people who aspire to lead lives inspired by resonance and vision.

Munay-Ki is a key that leads to the great advance of human evolution.

The Munay-ki codes are energetic codes that are delivered to your luminous field. Your body of light receives them in the form of seeds, which when they germinate make it easier for you to live with love, without violence, honestly in all aspects. Have integrity from thought.

As we receive the Munay-Ki, our chakras clear up and we are acquiring what Andean Priests know as the rainbow body. This happens when our chakras radiate their original light. Let's remember that each chakra has a color and when they all shine in their original color they emit the colors of the rainbow. When our chakras have been dirty (blocked) by past traumas, from this or other lifetimes, our aura takes on a grey-ish hue and our chakras become pools of Hucha or dense energy. Once we acquire the rainbow body, the Earthkeepers are able to connect with us because they recognize that we have a common calling and vision. When this happens and if we have developed the ability to see the invisible world, we can discern the forms of these luminous beings.

1 The rite of the HEALER

2 The rite of Chumpis - POWER BANDS/BELTS

3 The rite of the SEER

4 The rite of HARMONY

5 The rite of the DAY WATCH

6 The rite of the KEEPERS OF WISDOM

7 The rite of the GUARDIANS OF THE EARTH


9 The rite of the CREATOR

Your DNA is a real computer filled with memories from your early years, past lives, and impressions from your parents, friends, and ancestors. These impressions are registered full of color and intensity in your DNA. These have an influence on your body, your emotions, your relationships with other people and also with the planet you live on.

We live in a time of change, we are increasingly aware that we are being led to a more luminous frequency. We are part of this planet and everything we do or think influences our Pachamama and the entire cosmos.

The Munay-Ki codes, once you grow their seeds, transform your colorful and rich energy field into something pleasant and full of love that has a divine scent. This is another type of love than the one you feel for your partner, for your child or for your pet. This is an immense, luminous, powerful love and of much greater level of intensity. Your body is filled with light like a crystal, the 7 chakras are activated and begin to inform again. And it is through this that a great transformation takes place.

You will feel a complete connection with the earth, the universe and everything that has life. You will be aware of one-ness by mere breathing

You will be able to help increase the frequency of the earth and therefore you will also help the well-being of all that has life.

We invite you to experience the Munay-ki Rites with us in our 15-Day Retreats

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