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I love cats but during my addiction I wouldn’t have one. At about 10 months sober my higher self decided I was ready for a cat. My roommate brought home a stray cat. The cat turned out to be pregnant. I initially said I wasn’t going to keep any. I said I would get them ready for adoption. When I was younger, we had a lot of kittens. I know a few tricks to make loving kittens. 

When they were born, I checked on them to ensure they were all ok. Mama did a great job, with zero mess and 6 healthy kittens. The last one I picked up, this little yellow ball of fur, didn’t meow and settled right down in my hand. I knew right then he was mine. I worked with them every day. All of them followed me around as soon as they could walk. Mama cat was feral and didn’t like being inside. She had to go as soon as I got the babies on hard food. She was spade and released at a campground. As we found homes for the kittens, my female became glued to me. She was supposed to be my roommate's cat, however I am the only person she likes. 

I didn’t pick either of these cats. They picked me. I didn’t think I was ready to take care of an animal. I used to move around a lot. They have been part of my growth in all areas of my life. They help guard me spiritually and help me process energy. During some of my energy rituals, one of them will sit on my lap and purr. I can feel the vibrations help break up some of the denser energy in my body. My boy will chase things around I can’t see. After a good smudge of the area, he will calm down. They also help me physically. When I cut my hand with a saw my female would wrap her body around the wound without touching it even if my hand was under a blanket. She could tell exactly where it was. 

We are connected on a different level. I can think about being lonely, and one of them will come over. During the recent storms, my boy was feeling anxious and out of sorts. I could feel it before I could see it on him. I picked him up after a second; he calmed down and started purring. He slept under the covers up against my chest that night. We calm each other down. 

As I continue on this journey, they will protect me in the spiritual and love me in the physical. They will help me as I help others.                                     

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