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Ceremonial Teachings

Updated: May 19, 2022

Hello Family! We are very happy to have spent the first weekend of December of 2019 in ceremony with our brothers and sisters in communion with Sacred Medicines

We were blessed by abundant rain which whispered calmness and an overwhelming sense of protection and connection with Mother Earth which assisted us in cleansing and washing away the many things that separated us from awareness and which no longer served a purpose in our lives. We enjoyed beautiful moments of connection and friendship. Real brotherhood and sisterhood. The kind that refreshes our Soul and aligns with spirit.

We rest in true happiness with our brothers and sisters who continue to grow and stand on their own through their lives with empowerment, with grounded compassion, with Self Love and an awakening consciousness that guides.

The women in this ceremony held the space together and worked as an anchor, not only for their own transformation but for the collective transformation of the group.

Much growth, much releasing, and very profound turning points from many of brothers and sisters. This path of the hero, battling with our own shadows, going to the deepest reaches of our subconscious to retrieve the fragmented pieces of our soul to attain Shivoham. We love to see our brothers and sisters experience (and experience ourselves) the essence of truth and to differentiate what is real from what is not within ourselves.

On the last day we all experienced a beautiful glow after a work well done and we were greeted by Taita Inti as saying: Welcome!

And now we give thanks Gracias AllpaMama, Gracias QochaMama , Gracias Taita Inti, Gracias Hampi Gracias Ancestros, Gracias Maestros, Gracias Padre Madre Vida We continue to set deep roots and unfold in this experience of becoming! Munay!

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