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Remember who you are.

From the moment we take our first breath, as we come onto the Earth, we are given labels. 

It starts gently with a name, gender, religion…

Labeling continues as we grow. 

Schooling, jobs, families, chasing money, daily being drawn deeper into the programming. 

Labels are everywhere, and we can strongly identify with them. 

Labeling covers up the truths about ourselves. It adds layers to our existence so that we no longer see who we are at the core.

Who are we without the name, position, money, titles, items?

Would you still feel safe and yet be yourself if all was taken away from you?

What would be your identity?

What would be your purpose? 

As we remove one layer after another, peel off the labeling, we can rediscover our inner purpose; and reach the divine within us.  

Remove one layer at the time, continue the work, be patient, diligent, take care of yourself, most importantly love yourself and REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE! 

You are NOT the labels. 

You are LOVE and LIGHT.

You are part of the DIVINE, connect with your divinity daily, ask for guidance, give gratitude and keep going. 



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