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The battle for the mind

It’s the end of the year. As I take this moment to look back on 2023 to evaluate my personal growth and the parts of me that I need to improve upon, the greatest lesson that I have learnt is to Govern my mind. When I say Govern my mind, this means to allow myself to be the Captain of the ship and not be influenced by outside forces.

One of the hottest commodities is an easily influenced mind. If the mind is able to be influenced,then the persons actions will follow. This is why the influencers on the internet are paid so much doing social media. If one can hold your attention and get you to believe in what they are selling then time equates to money. This is a part of the agenda, the agenda is to keep as many people as possible distracted. In today’s time, the influence is at an all time high, it is in the palm of everyone’s hands from the toddler on through to the aging adult.

Although knowledge is within reach, most people utilize the internet for entertainment purposes. Scroll, scroll, scroll, before one knows it and whole hour has gone by looking at nothingness. Time is energy and attention equals to currency. Now, on top of one working to pay for a living, there is an added layer absorbing one’s time in the day.

The true battle at the core of the fight is the battle for the Soul.

So many balls to keep up in the air. As one works on bettering themselves to ascend the ladder verses descend it. One of the hardest things is to take the time to actually see the self, before one gets in too deep.

Stay as mindful as possible, and think about what is the purpose of existing. Stay “ten toes down”, this means to stay grounded and active in working towards personal goals. Also, remember growth is good although it is uncomfortable.

Natasha G.

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