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This is a story of my union with Mother Ayahuasca.

I had been involved in a very toxic relationship that ended in a lawsuit with an ex-partner. I lost 2 homes and a big part of my nest egg. "I thought" at one time that the battle would never end, and it sure was going to destroy me financially and emotionally...LOL The inner turmoil I created within myself was unbearable. I was riddled with anxiety and fear. I could not stop my inner critical voice, my ego, from the constant mind chatter. This is what brought me to my first Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca taught me one word, which carried so much wisdom, SURRENDER! I realized that I had associated this word with weakness and that it was time to change my limited beliefs.

I was guided through a door that forever changed my life. Fast forward to 2 1/2 years later, several ceremonies, lots of inner work, self-compassion, and self-love! This next passage is an excerpt from a letter I wrote after the settlement of the lawsuit:

The finalization of this experience has created many emotional energies within me, some very peaceful and some very dense. I welcome them all as teachers. Emotional pain is a part of living life, especially on a spiritual path. The moment you go through the pain, the moment you digest it so to speak..... you allow it to embrace it....then that pain is released and healed.

This experience could've been a real train wreck and instead, it became a life-changing, opportunity that I am forever grateful for. There's a quote from the Universe "I had to make you uncomfortable, otherwise, you would never have moved" I lost sight for an evening of all the amazing miracles, beauty, and wisdom this experience taught me. I have been shown time and time again to trust beyond what I can't see. I have been taught to live in my truth and stand in my personal and Divine Power. I am only as powerful as my limiting beliefs and the Universe has no limits, it's infinite. Through my path, I've learned that loss and gain are merely polarities, they are both teachers. I earned something that can't ever be bought or taken away, my personal freedom! This is only the beginning of my path. This is a journey without a destination, just continued experiences, teachings, wisdom, and constant integration. Life is limitless. We are in existence with everything!

I Am Grateful. I Am Thankful. I Am Humility

Noccan Kani Sonia Salas

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