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The PsioLink Headband is custom built by MyndPlay, one of Europe’s major players in the biofeedback and neurofeedback industry and community. It’s the mechanism by which the user’s raw brainwave activity gets reported to the computer for analysis and feedback.

It has been newly redesigned and incorporates everything that’s been learned from experience with former versions such as improved comfort, constant contact, slip on earpiece instead of clip, enhanced signal transfer and better shielding. This stylish new design utilizes soft, flexible banding and silver mesh for maximum signal conductance and superior comfort to button like electrodes. Developed with the user in mind, it has a simple user interface but includes everything you could want in a system without the need for clutter, and is packed with features and tools, which have previously been expensive and difficult to understand.


SKU: 671253175371
  • Description

    Research grade EEG headset with algorithms, which allow control of PsioTune as well as other apps, games, videos and movies using only brainwaves.


    Raw Brainwaves at 512 Hz.


    Biopreme antibacterial, soft, flexible fabric, detachable and customizable.


    10 Hour USB charging battery (cable included)


    Dual silver mesh dry sensors (1 active -1adjustable)

    Signal Transfer

    Bluetooth Connectivity for low noise


    Attention, Meditation, PsioTune Algorithms


    Eye-blink detection and removal

    Other uses of the PsioLink headband includes a media player that allows the user to watch any video and record/view the brain’s reaction in real time. With other optional software, it can be used to validate and compare training and therapy techniques, improve performance by better understanding of the brain’s behaviors and triggers, connect with the mind, take control, develop greater mental awareness (mindfulness) and improve emotional control. These programs help the user relax and focus simultaneously (open focus) and/or on demand in order to achieve peak performance, mind control and improve mental functions.

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