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A SACRAMENT Journey Through the Elements

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Dear Sisters,


In this great shifting of the times, we stand as integral pieces of a world desperately desiring the resurgence of the Divine Feminine. We believe that through re-establishing harmony and balance of the Sacred Feminine, we bring humanity back into right relationship with Pachamama, our Mother Earth, and all of creation. 


In the place where the desert meets the sea, we will spend 6 days journeying through the 4 elements of creation, as sources of creation and power that live inside of our own feminine bodies. Through remembering our nature as women, a nature that is intricately interwoven with nature itself, we reclaim our wisdom, our sacredness and our Divine birthrights. 


Together, we will work with Sacred Medicines, explore and share our deepest truths of who we really are, weave our stories, bring recognition to our bodies as temples and as our gateways to Source, and enter into sacred celebration of our lives and the essence of unconditional love, all in the embrace of Sacred Sisterhood and Mother Earth. 


Our spiral will take us in a journey through the four elements, earth as our bodies, as our connection to the Motherline. Water as our blood and the flow of our emotions, the cleansing waters. Fire as the sacred kundalini fires that burn both within our bodies and the earth, the primordial creatrix energy of the dragon, the element of purification and transmutation. And finally, air, our breath, the Fatherline and our relationship to the masculine, and the openness of new possibility in our lives. 


Our medicine journey will begin with 2 Mother Divine Ceremonies as we work deeply with the feminine, healing the mother and sister wounds, releasing the pain of our feminine lineages that we carry, journeying deep into the shadow to break cycles, reclaim our feminine power and find our permission to be all that we are. 


Next, we will sit with Niños Santos, the children, playful and direct. As children, we let ourselves believe that anything is possible. Niños Santos also reminds us of our interconnectedness with the intricate web of life, that we too, cycle through death and rebirth, through our own seasons, as we learn how to shed our skins and be reborn again and again with grace. 


Last, we will offer 2 Divine Masculine Bufo ceremonies, a day to enter into healing of our wounds around the masculine, the wounds and fears that we carry from our Fatherline, our lovers, and the collective patriarchal system of hierarchy. We release these stories and traumas to allow for the light of our own Divine Masculine nature to shine within us, to create space for our own wholeness. 

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In addition to the Sacraments, our journey together will include daily intuitive feminine flow yoga, movement practices, elemental ritual and ceremony, meditations, breathwork, embodiment exercises, and excursions. The full experience is created to connect to the deep knowing that the truth lies within the body, that our bodies are holy and sacred, and our bliss and power come not through hierarchical ways of being, but through the marriage, the union of the body and the soul. Through reclamation of these aspects of ourselves, our own inner elements and sources of power, our depth, our wisdom, our gifts, and our capacity to hold all that we are comes to the surface. 


We invite you to walk with path alongside us and to remember and reclaim that we are nature. We are the cycles of creation, nurture, and fruitful destruction. We are life. When we remember ourselves as sacred and whole, our world returns to love.


  • 2 Andean Divine Mother Ceremonies

  • Niños Santos Mexica ceremony

  • Hapé ceremony

  • 2 Padre Sapito Ceremonies


  • Daily intuitive feminine flow yoga sessions

  • Therapeutic movement

  • Temescal ceremony

  • Elemental rituals

  • Meditations

  • Feminine Embodiment processes

  • Womb Healing

  • Energy work and breathwork

  • Transmissions and teachings

  • Anya Circles (Integration Sessions during and After Retreat)

  • Nature based ritual

  • Excursions


  • Lodging in a large private home directly on the Sea of Cortez

  • Homemade, vegan meals

  • Post event integration support

  • Virtual post event monthly women’s circles


  • One on one preparatory and intention setting call 

  • One on one integration support

  • Private movement class and consultation

  • Private one on one Shamanic healing

  • Private readings

  • Massage

  • Airport transfers

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During this 4 day retreat, you will be provided with a safe, comfortable space, as well as traditional guided ceremonies and rituals that are intentionally created to help you gain a deeper understanding of who you are, what you want, and what may be holding you back. You can relax knowing that you will be looked after and assisted at all times throughout your journey. We also offer you post-ceremony integration support, as well as the chance to join a community of fellow seekers learning and growing together.


Although these Sacred Ceremonies can help us to illuminate the patterns of thought and behavior that are no longer serving us, they WILL NOT do the work for you. Our Shamans and facilitators are not superhuman, they are men and women just like you; however, they do have many years of experience working with these Sacred Medicines and devoting their lives to the path of transformation that they offer. We believe you are the Healer, the Guru and the Shaman (Knower) of your life. Mother Nature’s medicines are here to show us the path; the choice to walk the path is yours.


Our sacrament journey will begin with 2 Mother Divine Ceremonies as we work deeply with the feminine, healing the mother and sister wounds, releasing the pain of our feminine lineages that we carry, journeying deep into the shadow to break cycles, reclaim our feminine power and find our permission to be all that we are. 


Next, we will sit with Niños Santos, the children, playful and direct. As children, we let ourselves believe that anything is possible. Niños Santos alsoremind us of our interconnectedness with the intricate web of life, that we too, cycle through death and rebirth, through our own seasons, as we learn how to shed our skins and be reborn again and again with grace. 


Last, we will offer 2 Divine Masculine Bufo ceremonies, a day to enter into healing of our wounds around the masculine, the wounds and fears that we carry from our Fatherline, our lovers, and the collective patriarchal system of hierarchy. We release these stories and traumas to allow for the light of our own Divine Masculine nature to shine within us, to create space for our own wholeness. 

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Our spiral will take us in a journey through the four elements, as living manifestations in our own bodies and spirits. 


Earth is the Feminine and our connection to Nature, our root chakra and where we connect to Mother Earth. This also represents the Motherline, and is the lens through which we explore the Mother Wound and the Sister Wound. Earth is our bodies, the place from which we are nurtured and receive sustenance, our anchor, the roots of our trees that reach to the heavens. Ayahuasca will be a potent plant partner as we work with the Earth element, through a decent where we will face our shadows, and through this process, find the holiness in our very bodies, as well as connect to our essential nature through embodiment work and nature ceremony and ritual 



Water is the flow of our emotions, our fluids and our holy menstrual blood, our own rivers. The fountains of life. Water is deeply cleansing and healing, and in our journey, we will work with water blessing rituals, and work deeply with Mama Ocean and her depths that can be known as the earth womb of life. Working with water will bring us to regeneration through deep connection to our own wombs, with deep womb work and release, water blessing ceremony, cleansing through the ocean and water offerings.



Fire is the element of transmutation. This element within, our own internal fire, which can be understood as the Kundalini fires which are an embodied aspect of the great Kundalini fires of the earth, is often a source of shame in women. Fire is also our Sacred rage, and we will walk through our own decisions to allow our fires to dim, and through reigniting our fires of passion, we find that this is the gateway to love. Through fire, we will transmute and reclaim all aspects of our nature through a temescal ceremony, a releasing fire ceremony, and sensual embodiment activations. 



All life begins with and is sustained through breath, the element of air. We end by looking towards the cosmos, having rooted our bodies into the earth, we reach our arms to the skies, to Father Sky. We will work to heal the wounds of the masculine that keep us from expanding into all that we are. Many of us carry wounding of the masculine, whether from fathers, family lovers, patriarchal systems of hierarchy, patriarchal religion, etc, and we gift ourselves the opportunity to make peace with and understand and receive the true Divine Masculine, to know that this, too, is an essential aspect of our own nature and we cannot be victimized by what lives and is claimed inside of us. Then, we open ourselves to a greater perspective through breathwork, and embodiment of lightness, playfulness, and adventure. As we learn to soar in the skies, we awaken a vision for a new reality for ourselves, and for a new earth.

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Our bodies are our gateway to Source, the holy incarnations of our Souls. Reclaiming the sanctity within our physical bodies is the alchemy through which we mend the wounds of shame and desecration. Through embodiment, we find the art of fully inhabiting ourselves - welcoming the entirety of our essence to express itself in this temple-body, and connecting us to the depth of our own wisdom.

Our feminine energies are flowing currents of emotion, an intuitive dance that moves us towards surrender, guiding us to embrace the journey rather than focusing on outcomes. These are waters of great depth, intertwining us with the rhythms of life. An embodied woman understands her own worth through the depth of her own inner wisdom.


Many of us have been conditioned to fear and repress our emotions and yet, these emotions are the primal tides of existence. Through the practices of embodiment, we learn to work with our emotions as sacred teachers, guides leading us deeper into self. This journey into embodiment becomes a pilgrimage of reclamation, and a sacred dance with life, death and rebirth.

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For a woman to embody her authentic self, to liberate her true essence, and to embrace genuine freedom, she must embark upon a journey of summoning and reclaiming all aspects of her being as sacred and complete. This sacred odyssey commences with the heart's wisdom and journeys deep into the womb's sanctum. The reclamaion of a woman's power initiates at the heart of her sacred womb - the very crucible from which all life emerges.

The Sacred Medicines, rituals, and practices serve to cleanse the womb, allowing the release of habits, patterns, and conditioning that no longers serves our Higher Selves. As this metamorphosis unfolds, it is not merely a personal reawakening; it resonates through lineages, rippling back to the women who walked the paths before us and those who will travese them after. Our awakened sensual energy then becomes a potent current, catalyzing change and metamorphosis in the collective.


Many of us carry deep wounds, pain and grief around both the masculine and the feminine. This process will be an initiation into both aspects of ourselves as we travel deep within ourselves to understand where feelings and fears of abandonment, unworthiness and separateness live. The Mother Wound and the Father wound are the source of much of our turmoil, illness, and suffering. The manifestations of the these wounds are many in our modern world. As we deepen into the Mother Wound, we confront in ourselves where we feel separate, where we feel unsupported and abandoned by life; where we do not yet understand and embrace our own oneness with the Earth and the cycles of nature. We find the spaces that are not filled with our feminine presence. We allow ourselves to let go of our need to control our own wild nature. As we close with the Father Wound, we explore where our deep feelings of unworthiness reside, where we are called to take responsibility for our reality, to create boundaries, and to see where we are seeking outside of ourselves for parts of ourselves. Through ritual, guided journeys, Sacraments and exploration of our own bodies, we weave the aspects of ourselves into the whole.


In this wild and beautiful land, we explore the contrast of the quiet and open desert with the depths of the sea. Our retreat home is set on the ocean, and we will also be taking time to visit nearby natural sanctuary for some of our ritual and embodiment work. We will have a visit to the local village and group dinner one day as well.

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Throughout ages, women have gathered in sacred union, sharing prayers, stories, and healing together. We seek to come together in this way once again, letting go of the fear and comparison that often shadows sisterhood. Within this sacred container, a space of safety, compassion and unity is created, the tapestry of sisterhood woven anew. Here, each woman’s authentic voice and expression is heard and embraced. Singularly, we emanate power; collectively, we become a torrent of love, a force capable of healing across the expanse of existence. Through sharing circles, collective practices, and witnessing one another in love, we release the sister wounds we carry and remember the power and joy in the deep connection of true sisterhood.

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Are you called to join this sacred spiral and celebration of our nature as women? This retreat is for all women, whether you are new to the Medicine Space or an experienced journeyer, whether the spiritual path is a path you have begun walking or recently or whether you have dedicated a lifetime to the inner work. We have designed this experience for the women who resonate with one or all of the below, the women who:

  • Seek to honor a deep call to commune deeply with the Sacraments in a personal journey of healing and expansion through the gifts of Mother Earth

  • Are lovers of Mother Earth 

  • Seek to connect more deeply to your feminine essence and explore what that means for you in a safe and supported space

  • Seek to connect deeply with other women on the path of healing and spirituality and to be held in the full expression of the feminine in the sacred space of sisterhood

  • Are accustomed to giving and holding space and seek to learn or deepen into the art of receiving nourishment, love, deep acceptance, and space to be.

  • Are called to heal on behalf of their lineages, who are breaking the cycles in this lifetime

  • Are desiring to celebrate, explore and express the fullness of your nature as a woman


The retreat will be held in a spacious private home on the coast of the Baja peninsula, about an hour from the Cabo San Lucas airport. The home has ocean views, direct beach access, a pool with expansive ocean views, and plenty of areas for relaxing and reflecting. We will sleep to the soothing sound of the ocean each night. 

Our sanctuary for the week will be next to a small beach town on the sea of Cortez. Over 40% of the ocean’s diversity of sealife are present throughout the year in this area, and in October, there will be high chances of viewing migrating whales from the home. 


There are a variety of room options available, from a private King suite to 4 bed casitas. Options and pricing are available when booking. 

There will be on call massage services available for an additional fee during free time that we can assist with booking. We will be close to the bohemian village of Todos Santos and La Paz, which is a world famous whale watching spot. If you wish to explore these offerings, we would recommend coming a couple of days early or staying afterwards to continue to soak in the natural beauty and life of the location.




As the direct descendant of Mexican Revolutionary hero, General Francisco (Pancho) Villa, Andres Yael carries the consciousness of freedom and Soverign-Being. In the Shamanic path, this has meant understanding all models for spirituality as different Anyas (truths) that complement each other through their contrast, but most importantly that they are not meant to be submitted to.


Andres Yael has been working with Buddhist and Hindu Spirituality since 2013, Becoming a Zen Doshi and a Kriya Yoga Teacher. However, his Mexican roots exposed him to Sacred Ancestral wisdom from his early childhood. Exposing him different cultures like the Tarahumaras, Raramuris and Guarijó from the north of Mexico understanding the natural ways of communities that live in harmony with Pachamama. Later he Studied under a female Hopi Native American Priestess, and learned from Lakota teachers in California. 


A father of 2. At 29, his firstborn Andres Gabriel was born in 2013, Andres Yael received a calling from spirit that led to an very intense experience of awakening. He then began working with Sacred Medicines, Learning with Shipibo Maestros and with Colombian Medicine Teachers in California. 


Later in 2016  he became interested in hypnosis and became a Board Certified Clinical Hypnosis Therapist. He holds many other healing modalities like White time healing (levels 1, 2 and 3) as well as various modalities of sound healing with Quantum Sound Therapy and The Portacle.


Another paramount event in his life on 2016 was the birth of his Daughter Sarah Sophia and another prayer was answered. The Q'ero path of the Andes gave Andres a deep remembrance calling, and he has been initiating into deeper degrees of consciousness within different lineages of the Q'ero and Wasqar, Andean traditions. He became a Missayoq 2018 and he was initiated into Pampamissayoq in 2019. Last, he initiated into Altomissayoq in Cuzco in 2022.

Offering an experience of tangible spirituality, which flows as embodiment of consciousness, Andres provides a Rich space for Inner growth, filled with transmutation, real healing and Joy for living. All in connection to the Apus, the 4 directions, the 4 elements and our Sacred Pachamama.

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Paige Nelson is a 500hr Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and Spiritual Life Coach. Through these holistic modalities, she guides others to heal & connect to the innate wisdom of their bodies. Paige is a multi-faceted human being with many passions and a consistent desire to learn and grow & help others do the same. Her current areas of focus are helping others reawaken their inner wisdom, somatic embodiment, and trauma-informed yoga + healing. As a yoga instructor, she strives to create a space where students can tune in with their authentic expression, explore sensation in the body in new ways, and find mind, body, soul alignment. She combines her passion for yoga, movement, and spirituality to educate and empower her students in an environment that is safe and non-judgmental.

Paige will be your guide for yoga, therapeutic movement, yoga nidra and womb meditations,  and feminine embodiment, and assisting in holding ceremonial space.


While we DO NOT charge for our medicine, an Anyi (contribution) of between $1999 and $2333 (depending on room type selected) is requested to cover the expenses of the retreat, Ceremonial setting, Lodging, Meals, Services and the Facilitation you will receive during your time with us.


  • One-on-one Shamanic Consultations

  • Kambo

  • One-on-one Preparation and intention setting call

  • One - on -one integration support

  • One-on-one numerology reading

  • One-on-one movement consultation and private embodiment or yoga session

  • Airport Transfers

  • On site call in massage (must be booked 2 weeks in advance)


How Do I Sign Up?:

  • Our advice is to look within and follow your intuition and inner guidance. If this event speaks to you please fill out this Participant Interest Survey and one of our facilitators will be in touch shortly.

  • Feel free to reach out to find out more about our retreat and the medicines that we offer. We can be reached at (669)258-7054 or You can also learn more about our organization at


  • Pachamama Facilitators hold a bi-weekly virtual Q&A session on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. You will have the opportunity to learn more about Pachamama’s approach, the Medicines we work with, integration support, logistics, upcoming retreats and offerings, and general spirituality.

  • Register for our next Q&A session



If you find yourself unable to attend the event due to unexpected changes in your plans, it's important to inform us by either sending an email or a text message. In such situations, the following refund policy applies:

1.- No refunds for cancellations within 21 days before the event.

--In such cases, the full payment is non-refundable.

2.-Cancellation between 21 and 40 days before the event:

-- You will receive a 50% refund of your payment.

--Alternatively, you can choose to apply 50% of your deposit to a future retreat (must be within 6 months)

3.- Cancellation more than 40 days before the retreat:

--You are eligible for a full 100% refund of your payment.

-- Additionally, you have the option to apply 100% of your payment to a future retreat.

Upcoming Women's Retreats

Dec 14, 2024, 10:00 AM – Dec 15, 2024, 4:00 PM
Online Initiation
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