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Pachamama Yoga

Have you ever thought: where can I find Yoga classes near me?

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Alexa brings you a practice right to your home... Her practice methodology in Hatha Vinyasa Yoga is a modern blend of traditional Hatha Yoga techniques. Here is a summary of key features and associated benefits: Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Style: --Derives from the traditional Hatha Yoga style but is presented in a modern manner. --Combines yoga postures, movement, breathing techniques (pranayamas), meditation, and relaxation. --Adapts to the current needs of individuals. Multilevel: --Designed for individuals of any yoga experience level. --Provides safe and gradual options to avoid injury risks. --Ideal for individuals with previous injuries or movement limitations due to conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, hernias, etc. Integrative: --Accompanied by psychological tools to promote mental health. --Includes awareness of limits, self-care, stress release, self-awareness, and self-acceptance. --Contributes to personal development over time. Benefits of Consistent Practice: Physical: --Toning of all muscle groups. --Development of strength, endurance, balance, and improved reflexes. --Correction of poor posture habits. --Joint lubrication to prevent wear and tear. --Strengthening and flexibility of the spine, emphasizing back hygiene. --Improved elasticity. --Excellent complement to any sports discipline, enhancing performance and preventing injuries. --Expansion and improvement of respiratory capacity, beneficial for rehabilitating lung capacity in cases of COVID-related sequelae. --Improved coordination. --Increased concentration and attention capacity. --Stress prevention. Psychological: --Psychological support including awareness of limits, self-care, and stress release. --Encouragement of self-awareness and self-acceptance. Energetic and Spiritual: --All classes are complemented with aromatherapy, music, and sound therapy to add energetic and spiritual dimensions to the practice. In summary, consistent practice of this yoga style not only provides physical benefits but also addresses psychological and spiritual aspects, offering a holistic experience that contributes to overall well-being. Classes: Hatha Kriya Yoga Gathasta Yoga Raja Yoga Classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 PM PST.

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San Martin, CA 95046, USA

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