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For thousands of years, the Q’ero have continued to preserve Ancestral wisdom that dates back to the origins of the human race. The teachings of these Andean Q’ero & Wasqar lineages, invite us to align with the purpose of creation: Expansion. A person gradually manifests this alignment by living his/her individual-life's purpose. In this way, each person contributes to the expansion and evolution of humanity as a whole.

Always grounded in reverent connection to and love for Mother earth, the Wisdom of the Andes invites us to a pragmatic path of realization, awareness, and prosperity. This is the path to becoming one with the opulence of life!



Taking this path toward deeper spiritual growth. We want to congratulate you on responding to such a special calling.

This Shamanic Initiation is a comprehensive process that offers you a powerful spiritual tool with the purpose of nourishing and cultivating your relationship with Deepening Presence.

It is a most-profound, ancient spiritual breathing process that offers multiple healing benefits, especially when practiced consistently.

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This Initiation Path is a profound and life-changing 38 week Journey into Shamanism and your Occult/Inner worlds. This Initiation path integrates principles of Neurolinguistics, The wisdom of the Andes and the wisdom of Advaita Vedanta.

The purpose of this Initiation is to establish your Personal Power and create your own Magical Mind, which you can use to live in harmony with the different states of existence: Creation, Destruction, Co-Creation, Observation and Conservation in a practical and objective manner
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This Sacred Medicine Shamanic-Training is a special opportunity to Initiate as the Hampeq (Sacred Medicine Healer).

If you have received the call to work with Mother Earth’s Sacred Medicines or to deepen your personal relationship with yourself and everything in your universe, this retreat is designed for you.


This intensive retreat prepares you to embody the role of the Missayoq (Missa carrier) which empowers you to officiate Missa Ceremonies as well as other Powerful Rituals for you to assist those who resonate with your specific bright and healing energy.

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