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Wed, Jun 12



Shamanic Initiation - Module 1

Learn Over 40 Shamanic Rituals

Shamanic Initiation - Module 1
Shamanic Initiation - Module 1

Time & Location

Jun 12, 2024, 4:29 PM – Jun 12, 2025, 4:44 PM


About the event

This Initiation Path is a profound and life-changing 38 week Journey into Shamanism and your Occult/Inner worlds. This Initiation path integrates principles of Neurolinguistics, The wisdom of the Andes and the wisdom of Advaita Vedanta. ​The purpose of this Initiation is to establish your Personal Power and create your own Magical Mind, which you can use to live in harmony with the different states of existence: Creation, Destruction, Co-Creation, Observation and Conservation in a practical and objective manner As part of the Hindu path, the initiations includes:

  • Initiation to the 5 principles of Ashtavakra "Living the wisdom"
  • Pratismarati-Sacred-Breath Initiation "Establishing the Observer"
  • Ñawi Awakening Samay
  • Padma Yoga Sequence
  • Lineage Energy initiation

As part of the Andean path, the initiations include:

  • Karpay Initiation (Personal Power transference and initiation): Receive 2 different lineages from the Andean Tradition. This offers the initiate the ability to carry the power, guidance and connection to the Q'ero-Inkarri and the Wasqar wisdom.
  • Initiation into the Qhapaq  Ñan (the path of Allin Kawsay or Right Living)
  • Initiation into the Qanchis Pata Ñan
  • Over 45 Rituals for aligning the subconscious with non-dual truth.
  • Despacho ceremonies
  • 6 Andean Codes
  • Andean Trilogy
  • 3 Powerful Energy management dynamics
  • 9 Laws of Prosperity
  • Walking the path to the Tawantinsuyo
  • The Tawa Chakana and Freedom from Atipakuy Pachakutin

 ​As to NLP, the initiations include:

  • Working with the 10 action signals
  • Empowering yourself with the 10 emotions of expansion
  • Reconciling the 3 Archetypes of conflict
  • Initiating in the 4 Archetype of resolution
  • Speech accountability habit. Speaking Consciously
  • The triangle of suffering in relation to Andean Mysticism

 This Journey offers you the tools that prepare you as a Paqo (energy ecologist of our environment), but more importantly, this helps you be Self-aware, Sovereign, and Autonomous regarding your inner and outer worlds. The course will begin June 11th of 2024 and we will meet every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays @11AM PST via Zoom. All sessions will be recorded if you cannot attend the live classes. You will be added to our Shamanic Integration Group for participants to share and find support through all the processes. Additionally, you will get other benefits related to Sacrament ceremonies

 ​*** Monthly Ayni investment is $222​

  • Couples receive 10% off
  • Early bird (until May 27th) receive first month 1/2 off
  • Groups of 3 or more receive 15% off Ayni
  • Pay the whole 9 months advance for a lower Ayni of $1650

 ​*** If you are a Repeat initiate, your Ayni is only $50 monthly. If you are interested in joining us in this initiation path, please email or call us at 669.258.7054 and we will provide you with additional details, materials etc. ​


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