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Andres Yael

As the direct descendant of Mexican Revolutionary hero, General Francisco (Pancho) Villa, Andres Yael carries the consciousness of freedom and Soverign-Being. In the Shamanic path, this has meant understanding all models for spirituality as different Anyas (truths) that complement each other through their contrast, but most importantly that they are not meant to be submitted to.

Andres Yael has been working with Buddhist and Hindu Spirituality since 2013, Becoming a Zen Doshi and a Kriya Yoga Teacher. However, his Mexican roots exposed him to Sacred Ancestral wisdom from his early childhood. Exposing him different cultures like the Tarahumaras, Raramuris and Guarijó from the north of Mexico understanding the natural ways of communities that live in harmony with Pachamama. Later he Studied under a female Hopi Native American Priestess, and learned from Lakota teachers in California 


A father of 2. At 29, his firstborn Andres Gabriel was born in 2013, Andres Yael received a calling from spirit that led to an very intense experience of awakening. He then began working with Sacred Medicines, Learning with Shipibo Maestros and with Colombian Medicine Teachers in California.

Later in 2016  he became interested in hypnosis and became a Board Certified Clinical Hypnosis Therapist. He holds many other healing modalities like White time healing (levels 1, 2 and 3) as well as various modalities of sound healing with Quantum Sound Therapy and The Portacle


Another paramount event in his life on 2016 was the birth of his Daughter Sarah Sophia and another prayer was answered. The Q'ero path of the Andes gave Andres a deep remembrance calling, and he has been initiating into deeper degrees of consciousness within different lineages of the Q'ero and Wasqar, Andean traditions. He became a Missayoq 2018 and he was initiated into Pampamissayoq in 2019. Last, he initiated into Altomissayoq in Cuzco in 2022.

Offering an experience of tangible spirituality, which flows as embodiment of consciousness, Andres provides a Rich space for Inner growth, filled with transmutation, real healing and Joy for living. All in connection to the Apus, the 4 directions, the 4 elements and our Sacred Pachamama.

Sacred Medicine Initiation
1 on 1 awakening to your relationship with sacred medicines

Chumpi Readings
Aligning your Chakras with
Andean Missa

Shamanic Trance Hypnosis
Regression Therapy

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