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Pachamama Sacred Paths' foundation

Pachamama Sacred Paths is focused on the evolution and well-being of humanity.

We believe that the way to resolve our local, national and global problems is through the evolution of human consciousness.

We stand firm in the belief that we are all equal, and we cherish everyone's uniqueness and individuality.

Pachamama Sacred Paths locations
California: Mt. Shasta, Joshua Tree, Big Sur, 

Our Mission is to provide a path where humanity experiences awakening from its current state. A path where all can choose Balance, Stability, Freedom, and prosperity

Pachamama Sacred Paths'
three pillars

The Q'ero, Hinduism & The Christ

In the Q'ero tradition, Illatiksi is the emanation of divine consciousness that comes from the balance of loving intelligence and intelligent love. To experience the emanation of the divine in our personal consciousness, we must ground and balance our personal power and our natural power as a first step.

Many embodiments of Illatiksi have sprouted throughout our time-space here on Sacred Pachamama....the roots of the Dao, the origins of Buddhism, the depths of Advaita Vedanta, the True Christ Message, and the expansiveness of Native Cultures.

We see all of these different expressions of Illatiksi (of divine consciousness) as drawing their inspiration from that balance of loving intelligence and intelligent love. Their wisdom has come at different moments when collective consciousness has required specific lessons.

At Pachamama Sacred Paths, we honor each of these paths up the mountain. We reconcile these distinct paths by acknowledging them as means through which to experience what the divine has to offer. 

We call these different paths the Three Pillars of our foundation.

1st Pillar

Q'ero Cosmology: Pragmatic Spirituality

Who are the Q'ero?

The Q’ero tradition offers a path of self-realization with rich experiential wisdom that is practical in its integration. The integration of this wisdom gives way to the fulfillment of many prophecies, including, the Return of Pachakuteq and the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor

The Q'ero were the counselors of the Inka advising on the best ways to bring out. They are the healers, the magicians and the stewards of mother earth (Pachamama). Out of the many tribes, and spiritual lineages in the Andes (and te Inka Empire) the Q'ero were the chosen priests 

Through Muyucanchas (Sacred portals), The Q'ero, were unaffected by the Spanish colonization, Preserving and evolving all the wisdom for over 5000 years.

The Cosmology of the Q'ero offers tangible experiences of divinity to embody ancestral wisdosm that brings heightened consciousness states, rich of flow and Joy. The art of detachment gives way to Sumaq Kawsay, which means Right Living. Along with the Qhapaq Ñan and the 7 Andean Codes, This retreat offers an Initiation into the pragmatic ways of the Andes.

Honoring our Pachamama and every one of her elements. Integrating the fire in our hearts, the flow of water in our minds, the gentle air in our speech and actions, recognizing the earth, grounding us from under our feet as our mother herself.

The Path of Magic, Love and Joy are experiences of our day-to-day!

This path is called the Qhapaq Ñan, which means the Path of the Righteous and Wise. 

On this Q'ero Path, we have the opportunity to integrate Andean Wisdom into our lives in practical ways through the 7 Andean Codes:

      Merging with                         KAWSAY (Existence)

     Discovering your                   ANYA (Truth)

     Awakening your                   MUNAY (Love, Wish and Power)

     Responsibility &                    LLANK'AY (Work)

     Integration and                     YACHAY (Wisdom) 

     Self Worth, Reciprocity &     AYNI (Balance with life)

     Time-Space &                       KAWSAY PACHA (Life after Life)

As we continue to walk this path and integrate the wisdom of the Codes, the commitment to the Qhapaq Ñan gives way to Allin Kawsay, which translates to Aligned Living (Right Living). Allin Kawsay (Right Living) has many expressions, the Tawatinsuyo, the Tawa Chakana, and the Tawa Allinllakuna. 

Firstly, Tawantinsuyo invites us to commune with the Four Elements and Four Directions. Here we are invited to meet the Elements/Directions with the purpose of becoming centered and becoming the Pachakuteq or the enlightened one.

Tawa Chakana, which refers to the Tawa (four) pillars or principles of the Chakana or Chakanay, then reminds us to:

         -Cross the bridge to inner truth
         -Renounce the cycle of destruction, in our lives and the world.

         -Return to Khuyay, which is Inner Passion

         -Become a Human-Being, or incarnate.


We achieve this with 4 basic symbolic (non-necessary) decrees (affirmations).

1.- Unanchay - I am Thought in Purity. (You are Thought in Purity.) 

2.- Qhaway - I am Perception in Purity. (You are Perception in Purity.)

3.- Khuyay - I am Purity of Love. (You are Purity of Love.)

4.- Kawsay - I am Pure Life. (You are Pure of Life.) We are Earth that Thinks.

Finally, the Tawa Allinllakuna, teaches us the concrete necessary actions that form the basis of the Tawa Chakana. Unlike the decrees above, these are tangible (necessary) actions. 

1.- Allin Yuyay - This is summarized as Right Thinking (Aligned Thinking), practicing Wisdom, and exercising Moderation. Feeling with the mind and thinking with the heart, we allow ourselves to be guided by Illatiksi (Divine Consciousness) and Yachay (Wisdom). This is a Cognitive Process. 

2.- Allin Sonqo - This means having Compassion for everyone and everything, practicing Qhaway (Observation and Care), and experiencing light emotions and feelings toward others. It is linked to our perspectives and beliefs. Freeing ourselves from condemnation and judgment, we do not allow the mind to be consumed by dense thoughts or emotions, which lead to disconnecion and separation. This is an Affective Process. 

3.- Allin Rimay - The practice of Right Speech, or Aligned Speech. What abides in our heart will flow from our mouth....and it is not what we receive, but what we have given that remains once we leave this world. Raising the vibration of our communication, by speaking to others and ourselves in a way that is uplifting instead of hurtful, letting ourselves be guided by Khuyay (Inner Love). This is a Conative Process. 

4.- Allin Ruway - The practice of taking Right Action, or Aligned Action. The purpose of our hands is to serve, heal, and to care for the Earth not to cause harm. Allin Ruway teaches us not cause Hucha (Dense energy) to anyone. and reminds us to instead sow harmony and healing throughout all of life. Through Allin Hampi (right medicine use), and Allin Llankay (Honest work), we practice Allin Ruway. This is a Volitional Process. 

The Q'ero cosmology is a practical way to experience a willful transformation into enlightenment, with total acceptance of the inspiration brought by Illatiksi.


2nd Pillar - Hindu WISDOM

Integration of Devotion

The Hindu Cosmology has a vast repertoire of scriptures that alleviate the heart by teaching detachment and existential truth. Some of the Texts that we experience ourselves through are:

  • Ashtavakra Gita

  • Yoga Vasistha

  • Bhagavad Gita

  • Bhakti Sutras

  • Patanjali Yoga Sutras

  • Upanishads

  • The 4 Vedas (Veda comes from VID which means to know)



Additionally, we incorporate the practice Yoga and the observation of all of our parts:
Ego - The guardian of individuality
Body - The physical vehicle for experiencing life
Mind - The intellect and all emotions, feelings, and memories
Spirit - The Self
Breath - The anchor to the present

This brings a practice of awareness of this present moment.


Furthermore we incorporate the Pratismarati Sacred Breath practice to awaken our observer consciousness.


There are many similarities between the Hindu and the Q'ero Cosmologies, for example

-Chakras & Ñawis
-Divinity as the fabric of existence

-Life after death & breaking the cycle of reincarnation

-Connection to nature

-The wisdom of So'Hum & Noccan Kani

-Moksha and liberation of ignorance to integrate wisdom and truth

3rd Pillar

Gnostic Christian Teachings

     Teachings of Melchizedek

     9 Letters of Christ     

     Way of Mastery

     Book of Gold

     A Course in Miracles


We connect deeply with Jeshua and the Melchizedek guides for inspiration. These have been the source of many of our awakenings and the source of many of the foundations of thinking and feeling of great teachers like the teachers of the Q'ero as well as teachers from the Hindu Path.

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