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Manuel Padilla is formed within the new age culture with the producer of spiritual events, (Emy Shasti) developing his healing gifts, attending healing retreats and Shamanic arts, with the teacher (Javier Quijas Tlayoth) and the mayan walker (Ac Tah) who shared ancestral wisdom of the Mayans and Huichols, within their teaching is also Buddhism shared by their teacher (Mila Maten). Within the path of the expansion of consciousness, he meets the master plant ayahuasca, and takes the initiations of working with power plants and substances that lead the soul to remember the origin. These shamanic magical teachings are shared by his mentor and mentor Rosa Ma. Alquilar Cruz, who gives his initiation and wisdom into the world of ayahuasca. 


At the same time, he began to take biodance classes at the Los Angeles USA biodance school, thus acquiring the role of facilitator and an emotional intelligence to manage groups and take them to deep healing trances... In his walk he connects with the wisdom of the Qeros and practices rituals to maintain a balance between the spiritual and material world. For the moment he continues dancing and creating realities for the highest good of humanity. For now, continue to remember and integrate to accompany humanity in remembering the cosmic Minority and our origin.!!!

Sacred Medicine Initiation
1 on 1 awakening to your relationship with sacred medicines

Chumpi Readings
Aligning your Chakras with
Andean Missa

Shamanic Trance Hypnosis
Regression Therapy

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