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Natasha Gordon

Greetings, I Am Natasha Gordon. I have been on the Spiritual path for twenty plus years experiencing different religious beliefs and seeking to find which one resonated. I was raised Jehovah’s Witness, then as I got older felt the calling to explore Christianity. I practiced Christianity for about five years, then felt the call to study Islam. I also dabbled into Buddhism and Hinduism. Moving forward I did not agree with how Religion pins one against another, and its desire to conquer instead of unify. I then embraced the Love of the Creator of All and did not feel a need to identify with any Religion (middle man) in order to have a Connection. I felt an Authentic connection as I sought to understand Creation itself

I have spent many years delving into different Metaphysical practices in order to understand this experience called life. Self taught, I have been putting the pieces together and decoding the who, what, when, where and why’s of life in order to heal my own trauma and past life influence on my Souls imprint. A decoder of the Matrix, I am here to help people seeking to heal traumatic experiences, by utilizing Numerology and other metaphysical tools to identify, address, and fully process the purpose of said trauma that keeps the body in flight or fight mode. Knowledge is power, and Knowing Thyself is key to fully aligning to Purpose in this lifetime.

The Universe always guides my path and put the right people before me to expand further. This is when I encountered Altomessayoq Andres Yael, and had my first plant weekend. The transformation that I experienced during was life changing. Yet, as I was integrating there was something still missing to make my puzzle complete, my perception of life was off because of being in survival mode my whole life and not having the opportunity to learn the skill and ability to process life fully. Then Pachamama Sacred paths offered a Shamanic Course, (currently finishing up with the rituals) I will be a consistent student of the Q’ero, Wasqar, and Andean tradition because these rituals have helped me to integrate Life’s Experiences and shift me forward to where I am Living and not Surviving.


Andy Coffin

Greetings All. I 1st started w/ Pachamama Sacred Medicines/Paths (PSM/P) upon my 1st Retreat 5/2020 in Los Gatos, Ca. My finding Andres/Pachamama was rather interesting in and of itself as I was searching the Internet for, well a multi-medicine and modality Retreat in the States. After SEVERAL pages of searches/sites; I had decided I was going to give it 1 more search/page before putting it down for the night. His/it was the last one on that page.

I am sure I am not the only one who gets this but sometimes I get a mental picture of someone whom I have yet to meet but upon meeting him at the Retreat in Los Gatos he was pretty much identical to what I had pictured. Of course, now, realizing he’s MUCH more than just a pretty face : ). In what has spanned for more than 3 years I have really grown to love him and have listed a core group of mentors, sages, etc.; he has certainly been on the top of said list and for that/him, I am eternally grateful. I will stop as I feel his blush across the miles.


It has been said (somewhere, by someone, at some time) that it’s the people that really make the place. I have found that to be so true in my relatively short/limited time with all on this Path. Of the +/- 12ish peeps at that 1st Retreat, I am still in consistent, honest, unconditional, loving, etc. contact w/ 2 others, not including Mestre Andres. In fact, in speaking with one awhile back, he was kind of moving through some grief of no longer having Andres as relatively close/in the States.

In conjunction w/ the Medicine, Retreats, etc. I have also participated in the Shamanic Initiation Courses and Pratismarati Breathwork Courses over the years. I say all of this not in tooting my own horn by ANY means as I am a mere neophyte / pedestrian on this path. Integration of all lessons, etc. is f’ng paramount, at least for me. Yes, obviously I have had some “burning bush/white light spiritual awakenings” as a result of all of the above but if I do not integrate, internalize, embody, etc. these “awakenings” (insights, lessons, etc.) I stand to be the same as before I, as they say in the South, hugged Andres’/y’all’s neck (whether in person, electronically or by looking at the same Moon we all see at any given time). If I were content with the “same” I would not have and/or continued reaching out much like I am doing now.

Hang on, gotta go get my water … I guess to make a LONG story short, I go back to a definition of Humility that I have heard for many years and I obviously paraphrase: A trues understanding of who I am, and a conscious effort to be who I want to be. Andres and PSP have helped me immensely in continuing to fulfill that definition. Listening to Rage Against the Machine a bit ago, the words “Who controls the past now, controls the future” hit me. How I still may react to what or what did not happen in the past, controls my present, etc. Like I said, I could go on forever but …

Yours of the Moon.

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