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Women's Plant Medicine Retreats

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Pachamama Sacred Paths offers 4+ day Women's only retreats on the West Coast. These retreats are a deep dive into embodiment of the Divine Feminine and communion with the Great Mother through the sacred portals of Plant Medicine sacraments, embodiment practices and transmissions and teachings, in a safe, trauma informed, healing space of sisterhood. 


Sacred Plant Medicines

Together, we will work with Sacred Medicines, including Mother Ayahuasca, Niños Santos and Bufo, to explore and share our deepest truths, bring recognition to our bodies as temples and as our gateways to Source, and enter into sacred celebration of our lives and the essence of unconditional love.


Feminine Embodiment

Reclaiming the sanctity within our physical bodies is the alchemy through which we mend the wounds of shame and desecration. Through embodiment, we find the art of fully inhabiting ourselves - welcoming the entirety of our essence to express itself in this temple-body, and connecting us to the depth of our own wisdom.


Sacred Sisterhood

Within this sacred container, a space of safety, compassion and unity is created, the tapestry of sisterhood woven anew. Here, each woman’s authentic voice and expression is heard and embraced. Singularly, we emanate power; collectively, we become a torrent of love, a force capable of healing across the expanse of existence.


Womb Healing

The Sacred Medicines, rituals, and practices serve to cleanse the womb, allowing the release of habits, patterns, and conditioning that no longer serves our Higher Selves. Our awakened sensual energy then becomes a potent current, catalyzing change and metamorphosis in the collective



Through the practice of ritual, we connect to the sacred that exists as the very fabric of the universe. We can also recognize and embrace the sacred within ourselves. By reclaiming the divine as an intrinsic part of our own essence, we harmonize with all that is sacred, transcending boundaries to become one with all of existence.


Safety and Integrity

Creating a safe, trauma informed space for healing and transformation is of the utmost importance to our facilitators. Our facilitators believe that our role is to act as a mirror to others and to assist them in seeing their own unique purpose, authentic selves, and path to self-love. We honor the Wisdom Keepers and practice Ayni and deep gratitude for all that has been provided to us.

Upcoming Women's Retreats

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