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Donald Harrison has always had a spiritual connection to Mamaalpa and Pachamama. From his earliest years, he was drawn to the outdoors, spending every waking moment connecting to life and adventure. Guided by nature, he formed a relationship with these ancient truths. The wind directs us while bestowing wisdom with its whisper. The beauty of sound exists solely to create silence, and that silence has power. As humans on earth, pain is inevitable; however, we choose whether we suffer from this or use it to grow and change. And healing from our past wounds releases us from negative patterns and brings us to a place of deeper understanding and acceptance in our daily lives.


Donald's inner work and path to awakening have spanned over 25 years. Donald has been initiated by the Dada Bhagwan of Akram Vingan in Pratah Vingan and Nav Kalamo. Donald holds certification in Rose Energy Healing and is a certified meditation guide.


Donald has been initiated as a Hampeq Medicine Preist by the Altomessayoq Andres Yael.  As well as an initiation in the Q'ero and Wasqur Andean traditions of shamanic principles for living,  Pratismarati sacred breath work, Maha-Samadhi, Nawi Awakening Samay, Bandhas initiation, and Lineage Energy healing.


He feels a deep sense of humility and immense gratitude to be granted this extraordinary opportunity to embrace and safeguard these teachings, using them to create a harmonious blend of cosmic teachings to help serve you on your journey. He is profoundly honored and privileged to have the opportunity to join you in this sacred space to share and explore the divine together.  Through these sacred ceremonies, we will embark on a transformative journey, nurturing and supporting your growth while cherishing the deep significance and blessings that this shared experience bestows upon us.

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