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Course 1: Pratismarati Sacred Breath (5 hrs)  

Kriya Yoga Initiations:

  • Initiation to Ñawi Samay

  • Initiation to Breath of Fire

  • Initiation to Pratismarati Sacred Breath 

  • Initiation to the Chumpi Belts

  • Receive a personal Mantra for Samadhi 

  • Embracing Ashtavakra Basics (knowledge series)

Course 2: Ha! (5 hrs)

(Pre-requisite: Pratismarati Sacred Breath) (5 hrs)

Ha process initiation

Taking ownership of your Voice & Will Power

Samskaras (impressions from the mind and body) Release

Stretching your comfort zone and expanding your presence

Course 3: Humming light mantra (3 hrs) 

Ancient Humming technique for Mind Cleanse

This technique is perfect for:

Cleansing your Mental-Emotional Energy

Aligning mental activity with your higher self's energy

Giving your mind a clean slate
Engaging a no-mind state through a specific mantra specific to the participant

Receive an Ajna Ritual with Oils

 Course 4: Shamanic Energy Healing initiation (5hrs each)



Learn how to balance chakras

Learn how to cleanse a room or area

Learn distance healings

Learn to clear auras

Learn to tangibly change Your Poq'pos energy:
Saminchakuy & Saiwachakuy

Receive Lineage Karpay


Learn Sacred Movements to charge and raise your Chi/Prana

Initiation to your Spiritual Name (Noccan kani/So'Hum)

Initiation to your direct connection with Pachamama

Hampi Karpay
Modifying Collective Poq'pos:

Hampi Karpay

Course 5: Shamanic initiation (9 months)


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