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Begin your path to lightness!

Taking this path toward deeper spiritual growth. We want to congratulate you on responding to such a special calling.

This Shamanic Initiation is a comprehensive process that offers you a powerful spiritual tool with the purpose of nourishing and cultivating your relationship with Deepening Presence.

It is a most-profound, ancient spiritual breathing process that offers multiple healing benefits, especially when practiced consistently.

How does it help physically?

  • Reduces Serum Cortisol (Stress hormone) by 56%

  • Increases Serum Prolactin (Well-being hormone) by 50%

  • Deep regeneration and neurological benefits from REM by increasing deep sleep  by 218%

  • Decreases Depression by 70%

  • Increases lung capacity and many other physical  benefits

On a Spiritual level


It opens a direct space for meditation and observation of the energies that are in your different bodies:


  -Ethereal Body
  -Mental Body
  -Emotional Body
  -Physical Body


This process creates a state of high energy and high relaxation which promotes healing at the different levels mentioned above.

- This practice enhances and grows “the observer” to help us recognize in a clear way the Energies that come and go in these 4 main fields, and also to recognize external energies and how they influence and affect us both directly and indirectly

- Experience increased awareness of the divine within you and its Voice

- Enjoy a clear-mindedness state throughout the day and your own personal sacred space experiences in each deep meditation after the practice

- These initiations include a very specific mantra (specific to you based on your energy essence) which is yours to nourish with the purpose of reminding you of your true essence. This is given to you in a 1-on-1 setting.

- You will be added to a community Chat group for you to practice Daily every morning


The Initiation is a 5 to 6 hr course and it includes Multiple Shamanic knowledge points as well as Ashtavakra Hindu principles and a light yoga sequence to open up your Energy centers and Nadis.

Begin your spiritual journey today


LIFE CHANGING!!! I strongly recommend the Shamanic Initiation course with Andres & Pachamama Sacred Paths. It has been a life changing process for me. I finally know why I attracted certain events, challenges and a specific type of people into my life and how I can take responsibility and start attracting the right people and events into my life from now on. The Wisdom and rituals shared by The Teachers during this course  helped me tear down years of false beliefs and patterns that have been passed down to me for generations.  Now, Thanks to this course, I know the right process of how to manifest a prosperous and peaceful life full of happiness.

Sonia Galaviz

Phoenix, AZ


Go Deeper. If you have been invited or however you have become aware of the Shamanic Initiations course by Andres, heed the call. The daily Kriya Yoga, Pratismarati breathwork, and guided meditation literally and truly changed the way I start my days. So much more grounded and focused. Conscious and purposeful. I understand now why I reacted to certain things happening in my life, why people reacted to me in certain ways, and how I can go forward with love and peace in my heart. Aware. And to be with a like minded group created a flow of energy that motivated me to keep going.
Andres' depth of knowledge, openness and humor made the course so enlightening and enjoyable that I will be doing it again. I loved it. You will too. 💜

Jonathan Randy Nichols

San Francisco Bay Area, CA


Thank you Andres! Thanks for the weekend retreats, your knowledge and for your time. I have had truly a transformative experience in many levels. I've gained so much clarity in my life and I see my purpose and it's all thanks to you and the amazing group of people who help you make this possible. It truly has been an amazing life journey. I didn’t expected to happen this fast and for this I am so grateful. I now know this is part of the master plan to bring me whole, and complete to let go of what I no longer need, and become the beautiful complete human I was destined to be. Aho! Gracias!

Araceli Velazquez

Santa Barbara, CA


Andres and this initiation course has been life changing for me. Before the module I was having a really tough time staying grounded while seeking out spiritual guidance. I had a connection with spirit before meeting him on his retreat, but it was all over the place. The problem for me was that I had no teacher to help guide me through the difficult process of awakening, and the teachers @ Pachamama Sacred Paths were able to do that for me. While guiding me through daily breathwork and rituals, I was able to connect to a high flow of energy and maintain that flow even after the module.  My stress levels have gone down, I sleep better, the relationships with people in my life have improved, and I have a much better understanding of who I am. They also taught me how to set up my altar, gave me a mantra, taught me sacred kriya, and taught me rituals that I'll be able to use for the rest of my life. I can't wait to further my practice and start module 2 with you guys. Thank you so much! I am eternally grateful for everything.


Reno, NV

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