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Thank you for your interest in taking this path towards deeper spiritual growth. We want to congratulate you on responding to such a special calling.

This Shamanic Initiation is a comprehensive process that offers you a powerful spiritual tool with the purpose of nourishing and cultivating your relationship with Deepening Presence.

It is a most-profound, ancient spiritual breathing process that offers multiple healing benefits, especially when practiced consistently.

How does it help physically?

• Reduces Serum Cortisol (Stress hormone) by 56%

• Increases Serum Prolactin (Well-being hormone) by 50%

• Deep regeneration and neurological benefits from REM by increasing deep sleep  by 218%

• Decreases Depression by 70% Increases lung capacity and many other physical  benefits

On a Spiritual level, it opens a direct space for meditation and observation of the energies that are in your different bodies:

  -Ethereal Body
  -Mental Body
  -Emotional Body
  -Physical Body

This process creates a state of high energy and high relaxation which promotes healing at the different levels mentioned above.

- This practice enhances and grows “the observer” to help us recognize in a clear way the Energies that come and go in these 4 main fields, and also to recognize external energies and how they influence and
affect us both directly and indirectly

- Experience increased awareness of the divine within you and its Voice

- Enjoy a clear-mindedness state throughout the day and your own personal sacred space experiences in each deep meditation after the practice

- These initiations include a very specific mantra (specific to you based on your energy essence) which is yours to nourish with the purpose of reminding you of your true essence.

Given to you in a 1-on-1 setting The Initiation is a 5 to 6 hr course and it includes Multiple Shamanic knowledge points as well as Ashtavakra Hindu principles and a light yoga sequence to open up your Energy centers and Nadis.

For additional information or other questions please reach out to us at:
or by phone at: 669.258.7054 & 669.304.0146

Munay in your Path

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