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Living in Duality: Discovering My True Purpose in Becoming Neutral.

In everyday lives, we often find ourselves torn between different choices, emotions, and desires. It's like we live in a constant state of duality, where one part of us wants one thing, and another part wants something completely different. This inner conflict can be confusing and overwhelming, leaving us searching for our true purpose and a sense of balance.

But what if I told you that finding your true purpose might just be about embracing this duality and striving for neutrality?

Duality is like an ongoing tug-of-war inside us. It's the battle between our logical, practical side, and our emotional, masculine, or feminine aspects. It's the clash between what society expects of us and what our hearts yearn for. This constant struggle can create confusion and stress, making us question our true purpose.

While living in duality can be challenging, it's also an essential part of our human experience. Rather than trying to eliminate this duality, we can learn to embrace it and seek a state of neutrality.

Being neutral doesn't mean being indifferent or emotionless. It means finding a balance between different aspects of our lives. It's about making choices that reflect both our practical and emotional needs. When we achieve this balance, we're better equipped to discover our true life's purpose.

Noccan Kani Donny Harrison

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