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Seedbed Ritual (Divine Providence)

Updated: Jan 2

For 2024, we want to prepare ourselves with this powerful ritual. This is a celebration that can include our loved ones (Optional) and we make this in gratitude for the people in our lives, who are our mirrors and teachers, brothers/sisters, and our reflections through this path. 

When the ritual process has ended, the space must be closed. This same invocation may be expressed at the beginning of every month of this coming year to create an atmosphere of comprehension, and connection with our inner wisdom.

To Close this sacred space, “I Thank and honor the sacred spark (Divinity/Christ) within myself ”. I thank those divine sparks that awakened our magic, we express our gratitude for the guidance and for accompanying us and we release their energies 

RITUAL ELEMENTS (Symbolic Representations)

7 candles: 

Red: Existence and self recognition

Orange: Deserving and Self Guidance

Yellow: Strength and empowerment

Green: Bright and love

Blue: Assertiveness and Clarity

Purple: Intuition and Clairvoyance 

White: Wisdom and connection

12 Seed which we will program with a specific energy:


Good fortune

Corn: Well being  and fast growth of prosperity

Rice: Abundance and Health

Lentils: Money and prosperity

Rye: Providence, abundance of food

Barley: Protection, health and nourishment

Mustard: Good Luck, prosperity and abundance

Black Pepper: income growth, financial prosperity

Garbanzo: successful projects and decisions 

Wheat: Prosperity in business and family

Sunflower: Wealth, wisdom and fertility

Pumpkin: fertility, abundance and fortune

  1. 3 wheat spikes, which symbolize providence’s trinity:

  2. 7 nickels, or, copper coins (if possibly, gold coins work really well)

  3. Gold glitter

  4. A concave Small/Medium plate or bowl that serves to hold the seeds all year long

  5. A large flat plate for the candles and the infusion process. Used for 12 months

  6. A medium to large flat plate for preparation

Optional Shamanic Tips

Magnetite dust, pyrite or magnets

Citrine quartz shavings

Myrrh in powder form

Small coins of any denomination


  1.  Open space: Apus, 4 directions, 4 elements, Energies of protection, Ancestors, lineage teachers etc

  2. Declare the Ritual Intentions and Energetic Symbolisms by speaking out loud the following statements:

  • I Invoke the spark of light within these seeds, Sowing my intentions in Pachamama, to materialize the wishes and desires of my personal evolution and the evolution of those who I share this with

  • I invoke the spark of light of germination and conscious growth to observe my awakening through the elements that accompany my progress, water, earth, air and fire, developing my gifts and virtues to continue transforming within the path of magic and self knowledge.

  • I invoke the spark of light that pollinates, with the energy of our father sun (Taita Inti), Energy of Añay (gratitude) for the manifestation and creation of everything that comes to me. May this energy embody each cell of whoever chooses to light the fire of the heart, blessing the personal temple within everyone with wisdom on this path to the heart.

  • With the recognition of everything that exists, I honor my presence in this present moment, in which I choose, accept, thank, and consecrate this consciousness opening, given by the cosmos that I am and which I am a part of.We will place the smaller plate in the center of the large plate and we will place the qw set of seeds once we have infused each set with our intention inside the small plate.

  • Arrange the seeds like in the picture above

Now we will program each of the sets with the following symbolisms:

Beans: with you I represent business growth and synchronicity for my projects

Corn: With you I represent accelerated growth of wellbeing and prosperity 

Rice: With you I represent abundance and health

Lentils: With you I represent money and prosperity

Garbanzo: With you I represent the creation of projects and trust behind my decisions.

Wheat: With you I represent the prosperity in business and family

Rye: With you I represent divine providence, health and spiritual nourishment

Barley: With you I represent protection, health and physical nourishment

Mustard: With you I represent Good luck, Prosperity and Abundance

Black Pepper: With you I represent  Income growth, improvement in my economy

Sunflower Seeds: With you I represent the attraction of Wealth, Wisdom and Fertility

Pumpkin Seeds: With you I represent the attraction of Fertility, Fortune and Abundance

***As you speak to each set of seeds, add the Seeds into the Bowl and we mix them altogether

  1. Now we will make a triangle with the Wheat spikes:

  2. Second, I place the right wheat spike, which represents the father energy, the divine masculine, energy, which provides and brings action.

  3. Finally, I place the horizontal/bottom spike which represents the foundation of everything that I am creating, to grow and evolve with love

 Once you have placed the seeds and the wheat spikes, we will speak a creation and sustenance spell for the new year that is beginning. 

  • I exist, I abide within infinite providence. The cosmos’ providence is my inexhaustible source of energy and equilibrium, which always flows through my balanced expression.

  • Beautiful experiences flow into my life in unexpected new ways and I develop myself in all those new ways to keep expanding by blessing myself and others.

  • I open my mind and heart to choose my own way of expanding and evolving.

  • Everything is wonderful because life happens just as I intend to live it. Everything astonishes me just like an enchanted child.

  • I free the thoughts of the past and future. I live in the present moment without comparison and without expectation.

  • With the power of my belief and conviction, unified with my purpose, my gifts and my actions, I deepen the relationship with my1self, with my God within myself as the creator that I am, and I create with my future by manifesting my best providence in this present.

  • I Choose and accept to expand into divine truth at every moment. My mind and heart are at peace.

  • From this day onward I walk freely and with love towards life and life reciprocates with magnificent Blessings. Blessings arrive in wonderful, amazing and unexpected ways.

  • I am the creator of my own experiences in wondrous manners. I am, in fact, grateful and blessed. Aho Aho Aho

After Blessing with the decrees above, we will continue to place the candles in the large plate.

  1. Place the seeds plate inside the candles on the large plate

  2. Additionally you will add the gold glitter 

  3. Optionally, you can add Magnetite powder or some pyrite stones to the seeds for magnetism

  4. Additionally (and also as an option) you can add citrine to add the frequency of abundance and myrrh in powder form to add the frequency of divine presence.

  5. Add also some pennies or other copper coins to the seeds

  6. Finally you will place the 7 quarters, nickels or gold coins in front of each of the candles respectively.

Final process’ notes. 

  • Let the candles consume fully and light the candles with a match (not a lighter)

  • Starting on January 1st (Or as soon as possible starting the year), you will bag at least 12 seeds from the seedbed in a small mesh bag, to share with friends, family, coworkers and everyone that you feel called to share with. 

  • This ritual works very well because you are in harmony with the Cosmic Principle of reciprocity (Ayni). By sharing your abundance the cosmos will bless you just like you have expressed in the decrees.

  • As a tip, give 1 bag at the very least per month. You can give 1 bag per week, You may give up to 30 bags per month. It is up to you.

  • Every time you see that the Seedbed plate is getting low on seeds, please replenish consciously, meaning, remember what each of the seeds represents. You do not have to do the whole ritual again when replenishing

  • At the beginning of every month, you may turn on a white candle next to your seedbed to welcome the new seeds, to have an abundance of seeds and to keep creating the flow. Make sure to put alarms since life may get in the way.

  • The wax of the 7 candles you will offer it to Mama Allpa and we want to do the same with the white candle wax of every month

  • You can put some golden aluminum foil on the large plate to symbolize a golden platform that is at the foundation of your creation, and also, it will serve for collecting the wax easily.

  • Finally, keep the seedbed in your altar for the whole year anchoring the energy of abundance, prosperity, wellbeing and opulence in your life.

May you enjoy the gifts of Pachamama in sweet and harmonious ways.

Munay Munay Munay

Noccan Kani

Andres Yael

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