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"Rebirthing through Noccan Kani: A Journey to Belonging"

A few months ago, an invitation to join The Shamanic Initiation course turned out to be a transformative journey I never saw coming. With no expectations, I dove into rituals and exercises.

One exercise involved claiming, "Noccan Kani, I am," I started to play my rattle, burned sage, and repeated the mantra. Suddenly, I felt a very strong energy throughout my body, resonating deep within me. As I connected with the Earth, a sensation akin to the blue beings in Avatar enveloped me—I felt rooted, arms and feet extending beneath the surface.

Having endured abandonment and various forms of abuse since childhood, I'd never truly felt at home. Decades haunted by suicidal thoughts created a persistent sense of not belonging. However, through this shamanic experience, claiming "I am" brought forth a newfound family, a connection to Mother Earth, and a sense of belonging with brothers and sisters.

The transformation was profound. No longer do I carry the weight of feeling unloved or disconnected. The simple act of claiming my existence has woven me into the fabric of existence itself. I am whole, and Pachamama, the Earth Mother, is my guiding presence. This journey has anchored me in the embrace of the Earth and the cosmic tapestry that binds us all.


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