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The Usefulness of Religion

Personally, I do not subscribe to any religion. I do know that there is a Creator because I am a creation. Now, there is a beautiful usefulness to Religion. Its usefulness is that it helps people to be able to see past themselves, and expand their consciousness; it is also a refuge for those who may seem to be lost and in need of a direction. There is also the comfort and solace of God being there in the good and bad instances.

On the flip side, the belief in a set doctrine has also caused separation, division, and war. Many lives have been lost, and hate has become rampant. For, a system to be believed, it must be known for its truths. The believers of said truths must stand and fight for what they believe. In turn this creates opposition because these rules are applied to all structured religions. Each system individually knows that theirs is the truth.

Another benefit is in the structure “Heaven or Hell.” When folks are afraid of not getting into Heaven, and or going to Hell there exists an ingrained meter within people where they live with more integrity and respect for one another.

We are within the age of living consciously in the Aquarian age. Some are aware that after existing here on Earth (after we live this short life), we will transition into something else; or if there is more learning to do, then one's soul will be reborn here to continue gaining the growth needed. What I have become aware of is an abuse of knowledge and power, these days people will study something for a short period of time, then attempt to sell this knowledge to others. Everyone is a teacher these days, one aspect that the Bible does teach is to watch out for the charlatans and the false prophets. As we are living consciously I would advise all to be more logical in the approach of what to learn and who to gain that knowledge from because the expansion of our very soul depends upon it.

Thank for reading, Natasha G.

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