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The Tesla coils-iQube system is designed to create a powerful, blissful, zero-point energy field that effortlessly raises your vibration and improves the resonance of your environment.

Inspired by the masterful Nikola Tesla, this Tesla iQube technology has been researched, developed, and created to clearly define Quantum Physics and Scalar Wave Energy. Ahead of his time, Tesla envisioned a world of love and free energy based on scalar wave technology that did not damage the human energy field or the quantum brain.

Nikola Tesla’s ideas in 1899 are now transforming the world with his brilliant inventions. This Tesla iQube really is the choiceless choice if you want to raise the vibration in your environment.

Tesla iQube

SKU: 364215375135191
$13,529.40 Regular Price
$11,499.99Sale Price
    • 3 High End Audio Amplifiers
    • 1 Digital Player Pre-programmed with all major frequency programs (Organs, glands, Theta Love, Harmony, Focus, Peak Performance, Protection, Empowerment, Gamma Bliss, Telomere Activation)
    • 1 Shri Chakra Laser Engraved Insert
    • Hexagonal Copper Cores
    • Carbon Inserts
    • Flower Essences
    • 24 Karat Gold, Pure Silver
    • 10 Inert Noble Gas Inserts
    • 1 Oxygen Insert
    • 1 Stereo Speaker System
    • 1 Hard Carrying Case for Travel
    • Quantum Sound Therapy Software
    • 5 Bottles of Structured Water
    • adapt for 220 voltage requirements
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