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PLANT SACRAMENT STUDY COURSE: If you've ever felt the ancient tug of the sacred Andean roots or sensed the mystical whispers of Pachamama's sacred paths, but find yourself hesitant due to a lack of clarity or fear of the unknown, you're not alone. Many seekers like yourself have navigated the labyrinth of online information only to be met with conflicting tales and uncertainties. But fear not, for there is a path illuminated with ancient wisdom and rooted in the heart of Andean cosmology, waiting to be explored and embraced. The course consists of 8 courses of 5.5 hours each. You can take the complete course or choose the ones you resonate with. For each of the courses, we will address the same topics: - Cosqo - Origin of the medicine - 3 Samanas - Stages of Navigation - The “Why of Medicine” - Spiritual Purpose - Mikuy - Communication -Allin Kawsay - Physical, Mental and emotional Preparation -The Munay of Medicine - Physical, Mental and emotional Benefits - Microdosing - The Art of Yachay

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