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Alexa brings you a practice right to your home... Her practice methodology in Hatha Vinyasa Yoga is a modern blend of traditional Hatha Yoga techniques. Here is a summary of key features and associated benefits: Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Style: --Derives from the traditional Hatha Yoga style but is presented in a modern manner. --Combines yoga postures, movement, breathing techniques (pranayamas), meditation, and relaxation. --Adapts to the current needs of individuals. Multilevel: --Designed for individuals of any yoga experience level. --Provides safe and gradual options to avoid injury risks. --Ideal for individuals with previous injuries or movement limitations due to conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, hernias, etc. Integrative: --Accompanied by psychological tools to promote mental health. --Includes awareness of limits, self-care, stress release, self-awareness, and self-acceptance. --Contributes to personal development over time. Benefits of Consistent Practice: Physical: --Toning of all muscle groups. --Development of strength, endurance, balance, and improved reflexes. --Correction of poor posture habits. --Joint lubrication to prevent wear and tear. --Strengthening and flexibility of the spine, emphasizing back hygiene. --Improved elasticity. --Excellent complement to any sports discipline, enhancing performance and preventing injuries. --Expansion and improvement of respiratory capacity, beneficial for rehabilitating lung capacity in cases of COVID-related sequelae. --Improved coordination. --Increased concentration and attention capacity. --Stress prevention. Psychological: --Psychological support including awareness of limits, self-care, and stress release. --Encouragement of self-awareness and self-acceptance. Energetic and Spiritual: --All classes are complemented with aromatherapy, music, and sound therapy to add energetic and spiritual dimensions to the practice. In summary, consistent practice of this yoga style not only provides p

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