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Becoming the Hampeq - Sacred Medicine Shamanic Training

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Hello everyone!

We are very happy to invite you to our upcoming 15-Day Sacred Medicine Shamanic Training, happening April 16th,2023

This Sacred Medicine Shamanic-Training is a special opportunity to Initiate as the Hampeq (Sacred Medicine Healer).

If you have received the call to work with Mother Earth’s Sacred Medicines or to deepen your personal relationship with yourself and everything in your universe, this retreat is designed for you

This intensive retreat prepares you to embody the role of the Missayoq (Missa carrier) which empowers you to officiate Missa Ceremonies as well as other Powerful Rituals for you to assist those who resonate with your specific bright and healing energy

The purpose of this Initiation is to develop the necessary wisdom within you, grounded in Allin Sonco (Integrity of the Heart) & Allin Yuyay (True Knowing); learning without conjecture to facilitate the proper setting so that life-changing healing becomes part of your ceremonies.

In short, you will gain the personal power and consciousness to provide experiences of awakening and healing of your consciousness at a deeper level to share it with all who come to you for assistance in their awakening and evolution.

Additionally, you will dive deep into Andean Q’ero Principles of Allin Kawsay (Right living), which includes the ritualization of these principles to integrate the wisdom of the Qhapaq-Ñan (path of the Righteous) and other Q’ero teachings:

-You will learn our Icaros and will find your voice to create your own Icaros as well

-You will learn how to consecrate each medicine -You will learn the Art of the Missayoq -You will integrate the trade of the Hampeq (Medicine Healer)

The Hampeq is the Plant Medicine Healer: It is the path of the Shaman who has access to different consciousness states thought the use of Nature’s Power Plants, with the purpose of Integrating these states, for serving, healing, and assisting yourself and others in their spiritual path.

What will I experience?

-9 Munay-ki Rites

You will go through the Munay-ki rites of passage. These are Andean Rites of initiation for higher living. To find out more about these Rites which complement your Shamanic Initiation please CLICK HERE

Establishing devotional surrender to the voice of Sacred Medicines through the following Ceremonies:

-3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies -3 San Pedro Ceremonies

-3 Padre Sapo Ceremonies -3 Hapé ceremonies -2 Sananga ceremonies -2 Niños Santos Ceremonies

Additionally you will experience -2 Temazcales (sweat lodges)

-1 Cacao Ceremony

-Initiation with Apu Popocatepetl and Apu Iztaccihuatl

-Rituals for integration of the Hampeq Consciousness

-Support, Formation and Assistance

-2 Despacho Ritual Ceremonies

-Q’ero Lineage Initiation

-Flowering Bath



Why are we doing it at Apu Popocatepetl?

Below is the meaning of the Apus (Mountain consciousness) and their Role in your Initiation

Apu Popocatépetl and the Great Cosmic Serpent

In the Shamanic tradition of the Andes Mountains, the Apus are the guidance beings for humanity, giving specific time-space messages to anyone ready to listen. You could say they are Pachamama's antennas, which offer us the wisdom to live in Ayni (Balance) in our lives..

An Apu an individual sacred spirit that lives in a specific Mountain!

Each Apu has a different Spirit, different essence and teaching

One of the students of the Q'ero, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, made a documentary about this Galactic Serpent, in which he studies the changes that are happening on planet earth because of the change in the magnetic poles.

The Mayans and the Q'ero have always understood that from the beginning of time, there has been an umbilical cord made of cosmic energy which extends from the center of our galaxy, emanating from our central sun, and connecting to our planet, nourishing our beloved Pachamama.

This umbilical cord is the same as the feathered serpent of the Hopi but also the Toltecs, Aztecs and Mayans.

Many many Shamans & priests from our ancestral traditions predicted its re-birth in 2012 in America.

The previous 5600 yrs, the Great Cosmic Serpent has been residing in The Himalayas, nourishing the energy of those areas which sprouted the wisdom of the Hindu path, the Buddhist philosophy and other spiritual traditions of those regions.

Now our Great Serpent will reside in America during the next 5600 Yr Cycle, for the awakening of True Feminine Energy in our planet.

Its Root Chakra has moved to Mt. Aconcagua, awakening the Kundalini energy on the highest peak of the Andes mountains at a height of 6,959 meters above sea level. From there, it travels all the way to Denali, Alaska

Humanity's benefit from this Serpent is to awaken their different energy centers... With this energy, one can have a radiantly luminous life with the capacity to dream the world and manifest it.

The Chakras now are:

--Root: Aconcagua - Argentina

--Sacral: Illimani - Bolivia

--Solar Plexus: Ausangate - Peru

--Heart Chakra: Popocatepetl - México

--Throat Chakra: Mt Shasta, USA

--Third Eye Chakra: Mt Logan, Canadá

--Crown Chakra: Denali, Alaska

The energy of Apu Popocatepetl is here to awaken Pachamama's Heart Chakra (Along with everyone else's close to her)

All of Apu Popocatepetl's active movement is an invitation to remove all grief and fear from our hearts to open it and awaken a grounded-ness.

This is an Invitation to you to ground in your Heart. Open up, awaken the consciousness of your heart center and become the being that you always have aimed to become.

These retreats are designed to be have a more profound connection and there are only 8 spaces only to share a deeper and more intimate, we have 4 spots left

To inquire about cost, travel and other info, please reach out to us at 669.258.7054 or

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