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Dear Warrior

Dear Warrior I am the emotions, I am the sensations. Experiencing without judgment or criticism. As I notice them when they arise, acknowledge them with kindness and curiosity, and let them pass without getting caught up in them. Understanding that every emotion is a teacher signaling to me what needs to be changed. Warning me about a boundary that has been broken or just simply teaching me to express love and appreciation for my situation.

My emotions are my guide. My deep intuition from my true highest self, Nookan Kani. Every morning cultivate this energy by taking a few moments to set an intention for the day and feeling my emotions. Giving them the understanding that I am here. Learning from the signals of what is and isn’t working in my life.

One of the most important parts of my day is practicing pausing to take a mindful breath before responding to a challenging situation. Being present at the moment with the intention of practicing gratitude by reflecting on what I appreciate.

I understand that things will happen that are outside of my control. However, I can choose to understand that life is change and change is the only certainty in life. No matter what I encounter, I have to be flexible. Of course, since life is change when it doesn’t go my way, that's ok, because that means life is working. As Noccan Kani I understand that life is always working with me and not against me. Life is guiding me, teaching me, and moving me out of my comfort zones so that I can grow. I will always be humbled by the unfolding of life’s valuable lessons. Thank you, Pachamama for allowing me to dance, sing and walk on your ground. Thank you for all the mysteries that continue to unfold. A’ho.

Noccan Kani Donald Harrison

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jul 18, 2023

I wrote this some time ago which mirrors your post, "I am beyond definition, yet I embody constriction,

Thoughts claim ownership, but I remain apart,

Feelings surge within, though I am separate still,

Emotions hold sway, shaping my every thrill.

Stories unfold, without my consent or say,

Experiences arise, moment by moment, day by day,

A self elusive, yet undeniably I am,

Awareness, pure and present, like rays of sunshine illuminating that I am.

In the realm of senses, I register life's array,

A witness to existence, thankful that I get to play.

Here and now, I find contentment in its way,

No need to add or subtract, my heart and soul is complete as life adapts,

Gratitude overflows, appreciation…

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