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The enigma of finding purpose. What does this look like within your personal reality? We all ponder this as humans existing here on Earth. This concept is as expansive as Love and God. When we ask ourselves this question, most of us draw a blank. The mind then tries to wrap itself around our current realities based on the paradigms that structure society such as Money, Politics, Religion, and Science; Or we identify as Mother, Father, Daughter, Son. We then expand this through identifying with our childhood or traumas.

Now, all the things above are inclusive within each of our realities and are also a part of the experiences here that shape and mold our character and soul. The role that we entertain here is a distraction, a Matrix that keeps us busy and away from our true reason for incarnating. Our days are Consumed with the influence of societal structures and demands, keeping us busy like mindless working bees maintaining the hive. Yet, there is so much more to this reality than being born, living, and dying. But, this is what the days of existing here a saturated with.

The truth of who we are has been hidden from us so we stay blind to growing past this third dimension. The structure of Religion has kept us within mental boxes comparing and competing for resources. Although, Earth is plentiful and capable of sustaining all the life that encompasses it. Fear is a construct thread within its structure to keep us anxious and constantly looking for a Savior, when the true Savior is you. Everyone is responsible for growing through, all life serves us and becoming the best version of self.

In all actuality, we are capable of so much more. This whole process is for our Soul's growth, not to be taken personally, yet it is very personal. In many ancient texts they speak of “Knowing Thy Self” here is where our true power lies. Whenever possible, take the time to ponder the mysteries of life, and get in tune with existing at a Metaphysical level. As you study to “show thy self approved”, all possibilities will open up to your awareness and expansion will become your present reality.

Noccan Kani Natasha Gordon

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