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Faith Without Works is Dead

Sacred Medicine is work. My last Ayahuasca (as all have been) Session (Ceremony, etc.) was in all; INTENSE, putting it mildly. Weeks later I am still pondering & subsequently integrating it’s teachings. The day after the Ceremony, which some refer to as "The Sombra", I reached out to the Mestre/Shaman, merely to assure him that I was OK, etc. as he was genuinely concerned for me the night before. He in turn soon responded with the same care as the night before. I thought I had understood his response, remembering it as being; he was glad of the work that I had done during the Session, that such work is like building blocks (that as you continue along a/the path that each Session builds on the last, etc.). Later that day, I re-read his text but it was in actuality quite different from my 1st reading. It was still warm, loving, encouraging, etc. but there was no mention of “building blocks, path(s), etc.” Obviously, I was still in “Prayer”.

Some may refer to these Medicines as Sacrament(s) and the ensuing Ceremonies as Prayer(s). Much like has been said of the Peyote Ceremonies.

The “height” of Ayahuasca has been referred to as “Burracheira”; a/the state of mental concentration.

I would like to think my Burracheira with any/all Sacrament(s) is a state of mental concentration with my God(s), Light, Energy, Creator, Source. However, I have to work with/use the building blocks from these teachings/communions or I may very well just be “praying in place”.

Obviously, in life, there are many Sacraments that are not necessarily “Sacred Medicines”, like life itself. Noccan Kani Andy Coffin

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