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Fearless Opulence

Do you know what is the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought?

The answer is not the most simple. I asked this question at a Sacred Plant Medicine Retreat, and most people were expecting me to say a Property or Vehicle. The answer was a bit more complex than just the item’s price tag But to get a little bit of our Andean perspective into context, Worth is the inherent value that something possesses based on manufacturing, logistics, quality etc. However after enough appreciation for what you have, worth turns into Ayni: Balance with all energy This has nothing to do with you though because it'sThat's never personal: If something is too expensive, thats a personal problem for you. It simply means that what you earn is not enough, or that you are buying a product not meant for you, or, because of your thirst for values and what you believe you deserve but do not need.

However, Thats not what matters, and Right here is what makes something valuable and worthful. The most expensive thing I’ve ever bought was exactly that thing that I didn't have enough money for, or which I didn't need (or both). To be literal, it was maybe clothing just because, or maybe the best Samsung Galaxy, or a really nice Cartier watch Generally, I consider myself someone who hasn't spent too much on unnecessary stuff, but i’ve invested quite a bit though; businesses, trips to Peru for Initiations, and Holistic health certifications, but that's a little different. Some people considered my black truck something irresponsible on my end because my payment was three times more than their compact Japanese car. It really never bothered me that they would project their fears to me, but to me personally, my truck was more than perfect and really in Ayni It is not an Expense: To Build your future, It is not an Expense: To expand your Senses It is not an Expense: To direct yourself to Love

We had so many family camping trips, sacred medicine camping retreats, carrying water for my aquaponics farm, and many other things that served a lifestyle purpose.

As we all know, money is a form of energy (everything is). We also know that all things, when in alignment, flow. Your time and energy have given way to the green bills in your pocket/bank.

The main point of this entry: To a lot of people, saving money is an adequate strategy, while to us it is not viable. Money sitting down is the same as educating your abundance to be lazy.

Picture this: You let your money rest but you bust your ass. You Make sure you get that cheese & hump your bump while keeping that Energy in lazy mode, frozen, so you can feel safe. You become trapped in the Economical paradigm which tells you that your safety depends on how much money you have on the bank, or what your worth is based on how much youve accumulated. Out of fear you hoard energy purposelessly… But the rational part of fear still accompanies you, singing to your emotions: I am saving for tomorrow. This energy of money should be the only thing in the world that you should consider a slave! Put your energy to work, because if not, it becomes your master: More money, more safety Then people complain: Jeez! the next-door neighbor, just bought a new car… in this economy?

I believe you’ve spent way too much time worrying about small savings that bring you security.

Some questions to dismantle subconscious beliefs: -What are you pretending it should give you? -What safety are you searching for?

-What are you afraid of? Afraid of Dying? That money won't serve you for shit once you're blue. Afraid of getting sick? Get health insurance

A Rainy day? How much does a rainy day cost? seriously,

How long would it take you to find a new job if you lost the one you have

(assuming you are an employee). How much money do you need to feel safe?

Invest and make your money work for you, let it serve you like the master you are… And spend your earnings on whatever expands your senses, whatever gets you closer to love. Spend it, Use it, and re-invest it!

Nothing is Expensive if it adds value to you.

But everything is Lavishly expensive if it doesn't serve your growth.

The most expensive thing is not investing in yourself.

It is expensive not to put your money to work

It is expensive not to invest in people, friends, or experiences. Buy intangible things like Love, Sounds, tastes, expansion

Just like cancer, stuck energy will multiply. Let it all flow, release old fears! It is time to break with the paradigms of the ancestors.


Noccan Kani Ayni

Andres Yael

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