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Finding my true purpose

The path of self-discovery often proves to be challenging. As we dive into the truths of our existence, it can lead us down various, sometimes conflicting paths, with numerous possible outcomes shaped by our actions.

Through this introspective journey, I've encountered situations that initially appeared detrimental. They've brought pain and raised questions about my identity and purpose. However, I've learned that discomfort often signals the need for change. When I stubbornly resist change, these unsettling situations persist, causing me to fixate on the negative, rather than recognizing the potential for growth and inspiration.

My life, upon reflection, resembles a complex tapestry woven from diverse experiences. Some of these experiences have been categorized as 'bad,' primarily because of my initial resistance to learning and evolving.

In these moments, I've come to realize that I am a product of my own choices, creations, and truths. This journey has taught me not to overly rely on external validation or assistance. Instead, I must turn inward and ask these energies and experiences why have come into my life and what wisdom do they carry.

These moments of deep self-reflection have proven profoundly enlightening. They remind me that everything in my life, especially the challenges, guides me towards fulfilling my highest purpose. When I choose not to follow this path, I encounter numerous obstacles. Therefore, to truly love and be patient with myself, I must embrace my authentic self throughout these transformative processes.

In the words of my beautiful friend: "Gracias, me amo” I must never forget to always love myself and to always understand that I am being guided by my ancestors the cosmos and by this beautiful earth. I am here not just to love others but to love myself. Most importantly, to allow others space so they can find their own truths, so I can be there for them authentically. This is how we form a true union between the people we love in our lives and still hold our own power and our own truth, while giving and receiving the essence of true love.

Noccan Kani,

Donny Harrison

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