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Heartfelt Gratitude

In the tapestry of life,  I embark on a reflective journey of gratitude, expressing my profound thanks to the Great Spirit, my revered Ancestors, the Spirit World, Sacred Plants, the healing power of medicine, the nurturing embrace of Mother Earth (Pachamama), and the guiding presence of PachaTata. Additionally, I extend my gratitude to the supportive community of peers who have held space for me with unconditional support.

In the stillness of my heart, I acknowledge the omnipresent force of the Great Spirit, a guiding light that permeates every aspect of my existence. It is in moments of quiet reflection that I feel the divine offering guidance and purpose.

With a heart brimming with gratitude, I pay homage to the wisdom and strength bestowed upon me by my ancestors. Their resilience and teachings help keep me grounded.

Acknowledging the unseen forces that shape our reality, I express my gratitude to the Spirit World. In moments of introspection and meditation, I sense the subtle whispers of guidance and protection, fostering a deeper connection with the ethereal realm.

Gratitude flows like a river for the sacred plants and healing medicines that have been allies on my journey, these gifts from the earth have facilitated both physical and spiritual healing.

In reverence to the Earth, I extend my gratitude to Pachamama, the sacred mother who sustains me. Alongside PachaTata, the cosmic father, their harmony keeps me balanced.

No journey is solitary, and my heart overflows with gratitude for the community of peers who have stood beside me. Their support, understanding, and ability to hold space have been pillars of strength, giving me a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

As I pen down these words of gratitude, I am reminded that our journey is interwoven with countless threads of connection. Through acknowledging the Great Spirit, ancestors, Spirit World, Sacred Plants, Earth, and Community, I find solace and purpose. May this expression of gratitude ripple through the cosmos.



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