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Jeshua Speaks 12/12/2022

Hello Familia You are all part of a mesh of divine energy, an invisible network of support that you can't see but you can feel.

The connectedness that you seek provides you with a sense of wholeness and this wholeness is not bound by time nor space, however, it is interrupted by the ego's attachment to the body and the senses. Your awareness of what you hear, what you see, and what you can touch, (all senses), disconnects you from this mesh of energy that is the creator and which is 1 with your own essence. This is natural because of where your attention is flowing to. What are you investing your energy in?

The ego also gets distracted by the sounds from within your personal energy field. These are thoughts from your past. Past experiences either from this life or past lives. The vibration of these voices is largely influenced by your own fears from the past

Fear of rejection

Fear of abandonment

Fear of violence

Fear of pain

Fear about being able to survive.

Fear about loneliness

This Fear of being alone is the biggest fear of all because it stems from the original pain experienced when you left the wholeness of Father-Mother-Life to become an individual soul.

It is the original pain of being 1, alone, away from this mesh, to experience yourself as individual essence. It has felt like being confused about your own identity and feeling adrift. It brings all other fears into activation. A feeling of being lost away from home.

Just like we spoke/did yesterday, go forward into this feeling... what do you see? It could be that you see a guide, a teacher, a loved one who's gone, a power animal, or someone who will show up representing that loneliness. Can you become aware of it?

It could be many people, maybe your children who've left home, maybe your boss who just retired, or a parent who passed a while back.

Allow this energy of loneliness to grow and flow

What are your interactions with it?

Being abandoned is the biggest fear in humanity's consciousness. Fear of death stems from this point, and death itself can sometimes feel like a viable option to avoid this feeling of loneliness. This is why humanity craves passion: intense connection feels like a remedy to this loneliness

Why is there a need to become aware of this energy of loneliness within you? Because until you do you are not free from fear itself. The more you neglect this fear, the blinder you will become to your own energy, and "you will try" to remediate this with people, with consciousness escapes like drugs, sex, and other sense-stimulating elements.

Or You'll strive for social status to be admired and recognized. You'll strive to gain a better economy, you'll try to gain connectedness through a partner. But whatever you do, you will continue to neglect the original pain of being disconnected from your father/mother's universal consciousness (Illatiksi, Brahman, God)

So now, having understood this, we let go of all the ego's "quick fix patches"

Enter this feeling of loneliness, with all your focus and attention. All your awareness of it will bring a luminosity essence to yourself, within that energy

When you are true to yourself on this path, you face all of yourself. Know thyself. Know thy loneliness, and here you will always find an arm stretched embrace, welcoming you back to love, back to our father-mother life.

Understand that you are finding not only yourself but finding the core separation of the collective consciousness and now you can see your brothers and sisters more clearly. What drives people? Why are they striving so hard? The same reasons you were...

And now you can hold space for the right step forward, Allin Yuyay (right thinking) Allin soncco (right feeling), Allin Rimay (right speaking), Allin Ruway, (right acting)

If you have received this in your heart, it is you who is a steward of bringing connectedness back into humanity, becoming a doorway for our brothers and sisters.

Our connection to the Cosmos is right here, right now

Luminous Blessings of love, wholeness, and true connectedness to you and those in your life

Jeshua Through Ya’el

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