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Living in Kawsay

Everyday we have a choice. A choice to live a life in Kawsay, knowing that we are in existence with everything and that we are existence. I had a swift lesson of being in acceptance of what is.

Most recently my boss, who is also a doctor, was on vacation. He returned back to a very busy practice. He worked one day and then messaged me the following evening, that he was ill and would not be in the following morning. My initial reaction was, what an inconvenient day for me! As I sat with my emotions, I called forth the Merchant within me. I realized that this was a big decision for him. He rarely calls in sick. I told him not to worry that we would take care of rescheduling patients and to please take good care of himself.

The next morning I went into the office and I could feel my ego starting to grumble about the extra work. I knew I had a choice to turn something small, into a huge reaction or use my inner Warrior to see the Kawsay in the circumstance and allow everything to flow naturally. I started rescheduling patient's appointments with gratitude. In the past I would've been annoyed having to scramble, all the while making up excuses on how much patients are being inconvenienced. When the real truth was, my ego, was inconvenienced. The lesson was very clear; It taught me, patience, compassion and understanding for others and myself. It was also a great lesson in humility.

Sometimes, when get so overly involved in our reaction, we fail to see the love in the lesson. The Universe is always looking out for our best interest. We must remain present to see the abundance It has to offer at every moment!

Noccan Kani Sonia Salas

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