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Release and freedom

For it's been too long since I've let myself surrender to the unknown.. To be born again. anew, fresh, regrown. Life can seem this seemingly endless series of mundane tasks. Yet the only task that remains is to live life in joy! So fully and so completely that no apologies are needed. For we could never be sorry for shining our brightest light. My greatest intention has been seeded. I know. I know who I am. I know I deserve an abundant life. I know who I am and I know my vitality is within me. I know who I am and I know what I want. I know who I am and I'm claiming it now. I'm willing to take a risk in order to receive it. I'm willing to take a risk for myself and for all of life. For it's been too long since I've rested the mind and embraced the suns glow. Now you know.

Perhaps it's only in this instance that I live, that I die. That I live and die. That I die in order to live. That I die in order to more fully live. To become friends again with the end, in order to begin. To become friends. That my sin may be connected to my bliss, my bliss connected with my sin. Links becoming undone again. Past revealing truths in the present. Entering the unknown to become free. I'm free in the unknown. Fly away now, fly away. Deep into the self, awakens your true self.

Becoming lucid. I am aware of myself within the dream. I have woken up. The only time is now!

Releasing myself from the turmoil of all that I thought life was. Releasing my identity. Releasing my beliefs. Releasing my habits. Releasing false perceptions. Releasing the past. Releasing the trauma. Releasing what I've been taught. I become empty and I become free. I become empty and I become free. I become empty and I become full of the pulse of life itself. The sweetness I have not tasted waits within me. The abundance I have not received can also come from without. I grow like a flower. I stand like a tree. I move like the wind. I feel like the water. Contemplate. Releasing the need to self-medicate. Acknowledging all the notions of worldly success that have distracted me. Life becomes simpler. We're getting closer to releasing the rest, now able to more properly digest. Learning to accept the failures within each test. Learning to rest. In order to live this life we will gratefully clean up the mess.

Drisana M

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