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Ritual to activate self-love.

To activate self-love from a simple and simple perspective is to make the minimum effort!

Just enjoy the present.

Observe emotions and feelings!

We could say a thousand mantras or do many rituals, but in this simple ritual, the point is to activate it from the Divinity that inhabits us.

We are spiritual Divine beings experiencing a human life. You have to remember that.


First, you have to get some simple ingredients:

1.- strawberries

2.- chocolate

3.-pink (pink color)

4.- a candle (to your preference)

5.- 10 minutes of your valuable time

How is it done?

First, let's look for a comfortable place, and you have to light the candle since you're ready

to breathe and put your mind in the present. (do it your way)

Second, you must put the roses near the candle and let them release their aroma. (use the number of Roses you want) please put them in a vase near you.

Third, you're going to eat strawberries and chocolate!

Yes, you have to eat strawberries and chocolate, but you must chew them slowly and enjoy the textures and flavors. As you mix the flavors in your mouth, visualize or imagine that you are inside the roses and start caressing your hands as if it were a dance of caresses, closed eyes, and slow and slow breaths! Let yourself feel your love...

Just thank you for the moment, for that time you are giving yourself!

I recommend this song to feel enjoyment and love in all the cells. si=n2RXUzmlhGOaThXN

Optional: you can add a glass of wine!

Enjoy Loving You!!!!

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