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San Miguel de Allende's 1st 7-Day Retreat

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Our 1st 7-day retreat in San Miguel De Allende came with blessings from the Hannaq Pacha,

We received an Omen at the Yacumama (spirit of the water) initiation. It began rainning lightly at the start of the Flowering bath / Water element initiation and the rain stopped when we finished The Sacred Space that is opened aligns and bonds those with similar intentions in the field of higher being

The Ceremony of the Bestowal of power for everyone’s role as a Paqo took place in front of the San Miguel de Allende Cathedral and everyone received and accepted their role as the Priest / Priestess in their lives. We are blessed to witness all of our brothers and sisters coming from so far to knock on the door, only to receive their own gifts through these symbolic rites.

We continue in gratitude

Munay Munay Munay

Noccan Kani

Illatiksi Yael

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