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Spiritual path and the Hero

You are a little used to being limited and self-defined. When you are defined, you know what you have to fight against. You know also what you are willing to receive. And you are well aware of what you are willing to reject. You know your mistake patterns. This MO is truly intelligent.

Why would you choose to be so explosively brilliant and so surprising as you are in reality? Why would you choose to be undefined, in all ways, to never belong to anything or anyone? Why?

I ask, Why not?

Or would you do it? Even if you were to be completely isolated and alone?

If you choose to be undefined, no one else will have the same points of view as you. It might be that they wont be able to find you, nor find the level at which you're existing in the cosmos that you inhabit.

This is one of the great things that are occurring for us all. We are not willing to risk ourselves being alone.

In reality, being alone is so wrong that we cant even look at the subject

In this way, when we get to a place where we begin to inhabit large amounts of space, we then lower ourselves to an acceptable level for others. We define and we limit ourselves to be able to find relativity and a collective resonance with others.

How much of this are you engaging in? how much are you lowering yourself just to validate the reality of others, and why? so that you can demonstrate once and again that you are who you've shown yourself to be in the past? that persona who was never the real you? the one you lowered yourself to be in order to be acceptable?

the one you (and them) decided you should be and which you have been striving so hard to be?

What happens is that you wont accept nor learn anything new because that means that you wont have a reference point

It could be truly bad or counterproductive if you were to think (read) this again. It could be even worse to that persona that you hold if you truly understand this!

To straighten your past, you think that you must invalidate this new space that you are becoming and which is different from your past:

This space goes beyond anything you previously thought possible as what you could become.

But to "straighten" your past, and validate other people's realities you must make yourself smaller.

The only way to maintain that old definition of who you are, is if you dont change too much. Dont steer too much to your right, or your left, dont walk ahead too far. Everything will stay the same, normal, mundane, and "real"

When you step forward in any direction you expand, and that is the worst you could to in this collective reality, yet the best thing you could do to create your own reality. This could be so uncomfortable that the persona will do everything possible to go back to those reference points about yourself that you know perfectly

You will do all of this, instead of saying: Enough!

Ok, I might be completely alone. It might be that no one has the same points of view as myself. But I won't submit myself ever again.

If you don't like me anymore, no problem. I still love you, I will look for you and I will do everything you need assistance, if you reach out

Look down there, there is a precious path within yourself. I am going to take a ride toward it

You can come with, or ride beside me, or behind me, or not at all

Can you recognize the difference between Freedom and Attachment?


Noqankani-Ayni Andres

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