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The Beautiful Gift of Existing

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Do you know how important you are in this experience called life? The Magnificence of The Creator of All is physically experiencing and expanding through you, yes you. You are the Solo Soul Expression unto itself that is expanding creation, there are no two people alike in existence. We all are here to expand into our fully actuated selves, we are in school. Although a part of this reality calls for us to learn through the duality of “Good vs. Evil”, it all plays a very important part within the context of our own personal growth. The things that are difficult for us to grow through are our greatest gifts; although this can feel like a personal attack on us, it is in actuality an opportunity to learn. The human construct allows us free will so to speak; we can consciously choose how and what we want to learn.

The family dynamics is where we encounter a majority of our pain. These are contracts that were put into place and agreements made on a Soul level. We all have “inner child” wounds that must be worked through and healed. The inner child dynamic carries within it karmic patterns that we created in prior lifetimes, this is why these are some of the hardest patterns to overcome; we have to create new states of being which in turn creates expanded realities. We are responsible for what we create. After the initial shock of being held accountable for all that exists in our universes, we then can take the power and create consciously. This is one of the greatest gifts given to each of us, the Present Moment.

The way in which we process lessons and information is very expansive, we reject most concepts that are outside of ourselves because we feel like we know what is good for us. Yet, we exist within our own Universe and there are Billions in play coexisting and expanding through one another. We all are a part of the puzzle dependent upon the other to complete it.

I encourage each of you to take the time to learn who you are and what gift/gifts you have to offer to the whole of creation. What a Beautiful reality we live in, as we take the time to process this experience and become an effective Creator.

Noccan Kani

Natasha G.

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