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The path of Becoming

Momma Ayahuasca, oh how I Love thee, it is impossible to count the ways in which you come through for me and show me all the things that are needed to be learned through in order to help me shift closer to the greatest version of Myself, I am Great full beyond measure. From the first time I experienced, Aya she gave me exactly what my Soul called for. There was a huge release and many tears were shed for hours, as I relived a very intense past life trauma that helped me to see that in this life time, I have to manage how much of myself to give away, to individuals and also to Causes greater than myself.

As I continue to further my Spiritual Journey, She has helped me to integrate and see the first experience more fully (which was a very intense one yet as I relived a very traumatic experience she cradled me in her bosom). Things continue to unfold within its multiple aspects of true understanding, things that I could not see due to my altered perceptions, caused by being in Survival Mode. The ability to See is everything, if one can not place a finger on where the pain is stemmed from that it is impossible to tap in and heal.

Being a Co-Facilitator has helped to enrich my relationship with medicine. Meeting people is one of the things that I look forward to, as I get to have eye-opening beautiful conversations and the ability to interact with various perspectives. This expands my reality and causes me to step away from my own Shadow work and be a servant to helping others, which allows me to see my experiences in an expanded way.

I am truly Grateful to be a part of holding space for others to heal. As I think about how Courageous and Vulnerable people are, they come and share the innermost parts of their experiences within relationships with Self and others. Authentic healing takes place, as we become one family through sharing and supporting each other, for this I am Grateful.

Natasha G.

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